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Troubleshooting Your Navcom

Try these troubleshooting tips before you visit your favorite avionics shop for service. We all know it takes fuel to fly our aircraft from point A to point B, but we sometimes take for... Read more

Keeping up with FAA Changes

Twice in the last couple of months I’ve been surprised by changes in FAA documents and procedures—fortunately in both cases while I was safely on the ground.The first came while I was getting... Read more

Hartzell Engine Technologies - No Mistaking the Quality

July 2015 From alternators to turbochargers, Hartzell Engine Technologies is committed to producing an array of accessories and components that provide Cessna owners with better performance, reliability and value. You might say that Montgomery, Ala.-based... Read more

Bigger, Faster, Better: The Cessna 425 Conquest I

This entry-level turboprop was a winner in 1981, and is still one today. June 2015- When people ask me to comment about the Cessna 425 Conquest I, I get flashbacks. Having been a marketing type... Read more

No Plans to Change: Jim Irwin’s Cessna 425

The reliability and ease of operation of the PT6A engines as well as the incredible performance makes the Conquest the finest aircraft Jim Irwin, president of Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co., has ever... Read more

Affirmative Attitude: The Members Will Continue to Guide

As the chairman of EAA’s Type Club Coalition, Coyle Schwab works on General Aviation’s behalf. June 2015- With each one of these Affirmative Attitude columns, the one constant I’ve discovered is that if given sufficient... Read more

It’s Spring! Do you know where your airplane is?

While Milwaukee-area weather personality John Malan is teasing me with weather forecasts that approximate the coming spring, I can testify that spring is truly here. So get on out there and fly—once you... Read more

Land of Big Trees and Water: Flying to the San Juan Islands

If you like tall trees, saltwater, clean air, wildlife, hiking, biking, sailing and an easy pace of life, it's time to put "Flying into the San Juan Islands" up near the top of... Read more

A Course in Decision Making: Learning to Fly Floats

Flying floats is one of the most exciting forms of flying, and it might just be the closest to barnstorming that a pilot can get in today's world. May 2015- Earning your Single Engine–Sea rating... Read more

Affirmative Attitude: The Best in Citizen Service

Civil Air Patrol volunteers—in their spare time, and often at their own expense—skillfully protect the public at large. May 2015- Spend a day at any local General Aviation airfield and you'll find someone who is... Read more

Flying, Interrupted: Modern Engine Preservation

"Our experience has shown that in regions of high humidity, active corrosion can be found on cylinder walls of new engines inoperative for periods as brief as two days."—Lycoming Service Letter No. L180B April... Read more

Affirmative Attitude: A Part of Our History That Must Never Be Forgotten

Book research inspired Mike Pungercar to organize the South Willamette Valley Honor Flight hub. April 2014- The sky is filled with aviators doing great things with their airplanes, advocating for General Aviation and volunteering to... Read more

The Perfect Plane: Part Two: Our 170B Project is Complete

After two years of additional work to get her flying again, my better-than-new 170B now has over 70 hours of flight time. April 2014- In the first half of this two-part series ("The Perfect Plane... Read more

Affirmative Attitude: Riding the Edge of the Risk Envelope

JAARS mission pilots support Bible translation efforts around the globe. March 2015- I write each month about extraordinary pilots who use their skills and their airplanes to advocate for General Aviation or do tremendous work... Read more

"Best of the Best" Airport Restaurants Part Two

Start flight planning today to point your Cessna at these destinations, where an awesome meal awaits. March 2015- In part one of the "Best of the Best" Airport Restaurant series that ran last month in... Read more

“Big Airplane” Safety: A Cessna 340/340A buyer’s guide

For many reasons, the Cessna 340/340A has evolved into the world's best-selling piston-powered, cabin-class pressurized twin. March 2015- The typical buyer of a Cessna 340 is moving up from a high performance single engine airplane... Read more

"Best of the Best" Airport Restaurants Part One

John Purner's $100 Hamburger guide and website details all of the airport restaurants you absolutely must visit. February 2015- John Purner literally wrote the book on the hundred-dollar hamburger, and his guidebook and website provide... Read more

Cessna's Cardinal: A Welcome Addition to Every Cessna Group

February 2015- Each year aircraft owner groups gather at predetermined rendezvous points around the Midwest with their aircraft, and in formation each group descends into Wittman Regional Airport (KOSH) for EAA's AirVenture.Cessnas 2 Oshkosh... Read more

Affirmative Attitude: Making Women Feel Welcome

Martha Phillips, the International President of The Ninety-Nines, Inc., leads a worldwide organization focused on the recruitment of more women to earn private pilot certificates. February 2015- General Aviation has a growth problem, and the... Read more

Not Just a Bunch of Hot Air: Exhaust system inspection tips

Three defects can show up on exhaust systems; read on to find out exactly what they are and how to find them. February 2015- Light airplane exhaust systems don't garner as much attention as a... Read more

Affirmative Attitude: Doing some real good

January 2015- Patient transportation is an important mission for one family that's very passionate about General Aviation. Life can sometimes be a wild ride, with more deviations and surprises than an IFR flight in IMC... Read more

Are You Ready for 2020? Current Options for ADS-B Compliance

January 2015- The choices may seem bewildering (and they can be!),but at least prices seem to be settling down. In 2014, EAA AirVenture's exhibit halls were filled with ADS-B vendors who have viable products for... Read more

Wings Over the Rockies: Denver’s Air and Space Museum

January 2015- Aviation is big—really big—in Colorado, but only one destination calls itself "Colorado's official air and space museum," and has a bill passed in the state legislature to prove it. Over the Rockies Air... Read more

Affirmative Attitude: Showing Up for the Party

December 2014- Mass arrivals add another dimension to the AirVenture experience. Of all the great things about the late summer aviation family reunion in Oshkosh, one of the most popular elements are the mass arrivals... Read more

The Do's and Don'ts of Buying and Selling a Plane

December 2014- If there ever was an endeavor to which the phrase caveat emptor applies, it would be purchasing an aircraft. Even as a seller, you are still at great risk. We've all heard... Read more

New Engine for the Cost of a Rebuild?

December 2014- At EAA AirVenture this year Superior Air Parts introduced its Vantage engine with STC approval for Cessna 172R and 172S models.We took some time to visit with Scott Hayes, Vice President, Sales... Read more

Cabin Combustion Heaters: Maintenance and Troubleshooting

November 2014- If you hit rain or turbulence, you can deviate; if it's hot, you can just keep climbing untilyou find cool air. But when it's cold, it's cold everywhere. Here are some simple... Read more

Combustion Cabin Heaters: Are They Safe?

November 2014- Yes, combustion cabin heaters can be verysafe to operate when properly maintained.Pilots and owners need to take an active rolein making sure these heaters receive theservice they require to remain safe and... Read more

Affirmative Attitude: Moved by the Grandeur

November 2014- The mission of the Commemorative Air Force is important to anyone who has ever given even a moment’s thought to the freedoms we enjoy in this country.      There is something about warbirds... Read more

Affirmative Attitude: A Full Year’s Worth

October 2014- Half a million stories, ready for sharing, can be found at Oshkosh.      I have just returned from several incredible days at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh (or just 'Oshkosh" to most attendees), which, for... Read more

Handheld Peace of Mind: the DeLorme inReach

October 2014- A ferry pilot uses this global satellite communicator for practical purposes—and also for fun.   Ferrying an aircraft is one of the most taxing activities a pilot can undertake. From checking weather to... Read more

As Big as the Sky Itself

October 2014- Ramona Cox decided years ago to set her goals high and never look back.      In a remote canyon deep in the backcountry wilderness somewhere, the distinctive sound of a TSIO-520 Continental engine... Read more

From Hand Axes to Five-Axis: A Brief History of Hartzell Propeller

September 2014- At the turn of the 20th century, George Hartzell and his son Robert were making rifle stocks from various hardwoods using a proprietary process they had developed that strengthened the wood... Read more

Planning for the Worst, Hoping for the Best

September 2014- I learned to fly in 1977, receiving my private pilot certificate in South Texas at the Kleberg County Airport (KIKG). I started Nu Venture Air Services LLC in 1997, after I had... Read more

Cessna 310 Improving a Legend

September 2014- Dwane Wallace and his team created the first Cessna 310 in the mid-1950s. The airplane featured an airframe profile which was, and still is, unique. When a Cessna 310 taxis onto... Read more

The Friendly Skies

September 2014- If there is one constant that runs through the souls of all aviators and aviation enthusiasts, it's that we love to talk about flying any chance we get. Of course, much... Read more

We’ve Been Everywhere, Man

August 2014- I've been everywhere, man.I've been everywhere, man.Crossed the deserts bare, man.I've breathed the mountain air, man.Of travel I've had my share, man.I've been everywhere.—"I've Been Everywhere," adapted by Hank Snow In the 120... Read more

More Mods, More Modern: Even More Good Things for the 182

August 2014- Bill, our trusty 1966 Cessna 182, has an insatiable appetite for modifications and other enhancements. These enhancements cover the spectrum from performance mods, to instruments, to avionics.Nine years ago I wrote a... Read more

Restoration Heaven

August 2014- We see vintage airplanes at airshows and are in love, because nothing else grabs an aviator's soul and refuses to let go quite like these flying museum pieces.But under that perfect... Read more

Skylane Success Story

 August 2014- Fast on the heels of the 172, Cessna released its second tricycle gear aircraft: the 182.* Based on the rugged 180, it had the fastback-style straight tail lines of that model, but... Read more

The Planes Bring us Together; The People Keep Us Coming Back

July 2014- Each summer, the aviation family makes the pilgrimage to the shores of Lake Winnebago. They come to a city that for 51 weeks of the year is a near-perfect example of... Read more

Simulated Cockpit, Real Training

July 2014- Flight simulators have been around in one form or another for the better part of aviation's history. The earliest units were typically built from plywood. They sported vacuum tubes, were mostly pneumatic... Read more

AirVenture Fundamentals

July 2014- This year will mark my 18th year attending the annual AirVenture fly-in in Oshkosh. It is also the 10th anniversary of the Cessna Flyer Association (to be celebrated in the August issue). The... Read more

Leading Edge: Engine Monitoring: Predicting the Future with Electronics

June 2014-       Traditionally, a pilot has had one EGT gauge and one CHT gauge that he or she would use to keep track of the performance of an engine. The aircraft's manufacturer determined... Read more

Imagine the Good

June 2014- Imagine the life of dogs locked helpless in row after row of cages, without any hope or way out. These pets are no longer wanted for a variety of reasons, and... Read more

Considerations for Alternator Upgrades: Running on Plane-Power

June 2014-      Replacing the original equipment DOFF-type alternator with a modern, aircraft-specific Plane-Power alternator is a good move. It's a very good move if you're still depending on a generator for electrical power.I... Read more

A Different Breed: Cessna’s Skymasters

June 2014- When Cessna introduced its "revolutionary" tandem twin 336 Skymaster in 1963, it thought it had a real hit on its hands. After all, with centerline thrust and twin tail booms, the Skymaster... Read more

Abundance at the Runway’s End

June 2014- In our endless quest to find exciting places to point our airplanes, there are two undeniable factors that almost always dictate if any new destination is going to end up at the... Read more

Position Report: Helping General Aviation Take Off

June 2014- General Aviation is a homegrown American industry that is responsible for 1.2 million jobs and pumps more than $150 billion into our nation's economy. But it's also an industry that could do... Read more

It Just Sort of Happened

May 2014- The one thing we as humans—and aviators—can count on is that we are all really good at something. We each have at least one underlying passion that gets us up in... Read more

Cessna 150/152: The Little Trainer that Did

May 2014- With the demise of the 140 in 1951, Cessna looked to fill the entry-level/trainer void with a more modern airframe. Following on the success of the 172, the company sought to produce... Read more

Ameritech Industries: American Propeller and Eagle Engines

April 2014- Propellers take a beating. During operations that range from the instant takeoff power is cranked on to power-off stalls and descents, blades continually flex due to changes in aerodynamic loading. Props endure... Read more

The A-List

April 2014- As I search our aviation family to find aviators who are reshaping the world with their perfectly-executed and brilliant ideas, I occasionally find one person who is doing what most people... Read more

“Out of the Clear Blue of the Western Sky…”: The Bamboo Bomber

March 2014- Cessna Aircraft built its earliest T-50 twins as civilian aircraft for the commercial light transport market. The airplane, which was first flown in March of 1939, was made of wood and tubular... Read more

Stallion 51’s Unusual Attitude Training

March 2014- When I looked up at the all-glass attitude indicator, for a moment I wasn't quite sure what I was staring at. Instead of a nice horizon line separating a blue sky... Read more

Noise Reduction Headsets

March 2014- Short of sitting in the front row of a Metallica concert for a few hours, there are few things that compare with the hearing damage a piston engine-powered airplane can cause. In fact... Read more

Talking It Up

A healthy amount of creativity will generate something from nothing. There are those among us who create opportunity where there is none, asking nothing in return as they develop the partnerships required to coax... Read more

Cody, Wyo.: A still-small town in the big American West

February 2014- Have you ever traveled through a town in a hurry and thought to yourself, I ought to come back here sometime when I can stop and smell the roses...? During my NetJets... Read more

Shell Introduces its Unleaded 100 Octane Fuel

February 2014- Shell Oil issued the following press release on Dec. 1, 2013: SHELL REMOVES LEAD FROM LIGHT AIRCRAFT FUEL Shell today became the first major oil company to develop a lead-free replacement for Aviation Gasoline... Read more

Spotting Airframe Corrosion and Reducing Lead Fouling

February 2014- Q: Hi Steve, I'm considering becoming a partner in what looks like a pretty nice 1966 Cessna 182 but I'm concerned about corrosion in the airframe. I seem to remember that Cessna... Read more

Over Sandwiches and Sodas 02-14

Sometimes, brilliant ideas that change our aviation world come from places you least expect them. You might be walking out of a meeting when someone else plants the seed for you with a... Read more

Garmin’s Passive ADS-B Solution

January 2014- Ever since the dawn of the Computer Age, two engineering factions have regularly engaged in trench warfare. One group believes that hardware-centric devices are inherently more stable solutions for an engineering problem... Read more

Clyde’s Vision

January 2014- Clyde Cessna grew up on a farm near Raymond, Kan. He was a natural tinkerer and liked to know how things worked. He showed a talent for fixing farm machinery and by... Read more

An affirmative attitude is how we move GA forward

   Any time you have two or more pilots together these days, it doesn't take long for the conversation to come around to a frank—but also frustrating—discussion about the seemingly long list of... Read more

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Free Preferred Airparts Calendar
Preferred Airparts is offering a free calendar to the first 50...


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MITCHELL PUTNAM created a new topic ' 172 M fuel smell' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Hi All,

I am having an intermittment fuel smell in a 172 M. It seems that the fuel smell is worse...


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I also just installed the jpi in my 182Q. The information on each cylinder is such a advantage. I...


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Latest Cessna News

Great AirVenture Forum Series from Superior Air Parts & Industry Partners

A series of free, 45-minute educational forums will give aircraft owners and pilots real-world tips to increase the performance and life of their piston aircraft engines, while lowering the cost of ownership, operation and maintenance. Coppell, TX, (June 15, 2016) — Representatives of Superior Air Parts, Inc., announced today that the company is partnering with Aircraft Specialties Services, CamGuard and RAM Aircraft...

Read more

2016 SUN ‘n FUN Numbers

June 7, 2016 (Lakeland, Fla.) The 42nd Annual SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In & Expo presented by VISIT FLORIDA and the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association took place April 5 –10, 2016 in Lakeland, Florida. We are pleased to release the following data and fun facts: • Approximately 200,000 guests attended from over 60 countries• Brazil, Canada and United Kingdom once again...

Read more

NavWorx Inks Agreement with Garmin for Affordable ADS-B Solutions

ROWLETT, TEXAS, MARCH 31, 2016 – NavWorx, Inc. announced today the company has entered a licensing agreement with Garmin enabling connectivity to the company’s GNS and GTN line of navigators. Under the agreement, NavWorx’ ADS600-B will interface with existing certified position sources providing the required WAAS GPS to meet the FAA’s mandate for ADS-B equipage. NavWorx has since its inception been...

Read more

Aircraft Spruce Carries the Grypmat Tool Mat

Grypmat non-slip, anti-static tool mat is an easy way to keep track of your tools and can be found at Aircraft Spruce. The GrypMat is a rubberized, flexible, non-marring, non-slip, anti-static material designed to give mechanics a safe and secure place to store tools. Using GrypMat reduces Foreign Object Damage (FOD), lowers maintenance times, prevents scratches and damage, and helps mechanics...

Read more

COPPERSTATE Fly-In is Moving!

COPPERSTATE Fly-In, Inc., which hosts the third-largest aircraft fly-in in the U.S., has announced that it will hold its next event at the Mesa, AZ Falcon Field (FFZ) Airport on Friday & Saturday, October 28-29, 2016. The event, which is open to the general public, attracts recreational & general aviation enthusiasts from across the southwest United States. In 2015, approximately 500 aircraft were on...

Read more

New Diesel GA Engine from EPS

September 22, 2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: EPS Runs Their First Pre-Production Engine         New Richmond, WI – Engineered Propulsion Systems (EPS) mounted the first in a series of pre-production diesel engines on a test stand, and turned the key on September 20th. “The engine started smoothly and ran great,” said Michael Fuchs, President and CEO of EPS. “We will begin the testing...

Read more

The 37th Annual General Aviation and Part 135 Activity Survey

The 37th annual General Aviation and Part 135 Activity Survey (GA Survey) for reporting on calendar year 2014 is underway! Your participation is important! -We need to hear from everyone who receives an invitation to complete a survey to prepare accurate statistics on aviation activity. The GA Survey is a scientific sample ofaircraft from the Civil Aviation Registry. Your responses are important...

Read more

Sporty’s Concludes Successful Fly-in and Awards Sweepstakes RV-12

Showers didn’t dampen spirits for hundreds of attendees A few lingering showers didn’t keep pilots from Sporty’s 11th annual fly-in. Hundreds of attendees enjoyed a full static aircraft display, exhibits, seminars and introductory flights. Sporty’s promised a fly-in “rain or shine” and that’s exactly what happened. The fly-in hosted the largest number of exhibitors ever. Seminars from Sporty’s, ForeFlight, and Garmin were...

Read more

Micro AeroDynamics’ VG Kits Raise the Service Ceiling

Anacortes, WA – In the past quarter-century, Micro AeroDynamics has sold over nearly 20,000 Vortex Generator kits to the owners of over 700 models of GA aircraft. The company, through its extensive flight tests has accumulated extensive documentation about the enhanced effects VGs have on stall speed and slow flight control. They have learned recently that there seems to be...

Read more

Hartzell Engine Technologies Announces FAA PMA for it's ASG Series Alternators on Cessna Piston and Turbine Aircraft

PMA provides alternator eligibility for the majority of Cessna 172, 182, 206 and Caravan aircraft. Montgomery, AL, (May 4, 2015) — Representatives of Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC, announced today that the company has received Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) for its ASG series of alternators. The company supplies the ASG series alternators for Cessna OEM production and the PMA also provides eligibility...

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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015 NOTAM Now Available for Pilots Flying to Oshkosh

Oshkosh air traffic procedures are required reading for all aviators flying to AirVenture EAA AVIATION CENTER, OSHKOSH, Wisconsin — (April 24, 2015) — The Federal Aviation Administration has released the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015 Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), featuring arrival and departure procedures for EAA's 63rd annual fly-in convention July 20-26 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh. The NOTAM, which is in...

Read more

FAA Launches New Resource For Understanding ADS-B

April 2015- Need ADS-B? Get answers..... Starting in 2020, aircraft must be equipped with ADS-B Out to fly in most controlled airspace. Will you need to equip? It depends on where you fly. · How you should you equip your aircraft? · What equipment has been FAA certified? · What are the benefits of ADS-B Out and ADS-B In? Get answers at

Read more

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