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    January 2020 is coming. What are you doing about NextGen?

    As for me and my trusty 182, "Bill", we plan a one step at a time approach. With a stack full of Garmin stuff the Garmim GDL 88 ADS-B looks good to me for a next step in the near future. It has both In and Out capability that works well with 430/530 WAAS units or the new GTN gear.

    Right now if you don't have any capability there is time to get prepared in digestable steps. There are 430 or 530 WAAS units available at good prices all over. The GDL 88 works well with these older less expensive GPS Navigators. Maybe in the future there will be other ADS-B units as well.

    What are your plans?

    1. Waiting to see if it goes away?
    2. Donate your aircraft to the local airport to be mounted on a pole at the airport entrance?
    2. Write you congressman?
    3. Come up with a plan to be ready by 2020?

    Let me hear your thoughts
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