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Wings Over the Rockies: Denver’s Air and Space Museum

15-01-2015 Hits:57 Featured Articles  - avatar Heather Skumatz

Wings Over the Rockies: Denver’s Air and Space Museum

January 2015- Aviation is big—really big—in Colorado, but only one destination calls itself "Colorado's official air and space museum," and has a bill passed in the state legislature to prove it. Over...

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Are You Ready for 2020? Current Options for ADS-B Compliance

15-01-2015 Hits:59 Featured Articles  - avatar Charles Lloyd

Are You Ready for 2020? Current Options for ADS-B Compliance

January 2015- The choices may seem bewildering (and they can be!),but at least prices seem to be settling down. In 2014, EAA AirVenture's exhibit halls were filled with ADS-B vendors who have...

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The Do's and Don'ts of Buying and Selling a Plane

09-01-2015 Hits:85 Featured Articles  - avatar Michael Leighton

December 2014- If there ever was an endeavor to which the phrase caveat emptor applies, it would be purchasing an aircraft. Even as a seller, you are still at great risk...

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New Engine for the Cost of a Rebuild?

09-01-2015 Hits:86 Featured Articles  - avatar CFA Staff

New Engine for the Cost of a Rebuild?

December 2014- At EAA AirVenture this year Superior Air Parts introduced its Vantage engine with STC approval for Cessna 172R and 172S models.We took some time to visit with Scott Hayes...

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Textron Aviation Introduces ProManagement for First-time Aircraft Owners

23-10-2014 Hits:751 Featured Articles  - avatar Isaac

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 20, 2014 - Textron Aviation, Inc., a Textron Inc. (NYSE:TXT) company, announced today at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Convention & Exhibition in Orlando it is...

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Cabin Combustion Heaters: Maintenance and Troubleshooting

14-10-2014 Hits:163 Featured Articles  - avatar Tim Gauntt

November 2014- If you hit rain or turbulence, you can deviate; if it's hot, you can just keep climbing untilyou find cool air. But when it's cold, it's cold everywhere. Here...

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Handheld Peace of Mind: the DeLorme inReach

01-10-2014 Hits:334 Featured Articles  - avatar Abingdon Welch

October 2014- A ferry pilot uses this global satellite communicator for practical purposes—and also for fun.   Ferrying an aircraft is one of the most taxing activities a pilot can undertake. From...

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As Big as the Sky Itself

29-09-2014 Hits:855 Featured Articles  - avatar Dan Pimentel

October 2014- Ramona Cox decided years ago to set her goals high and never look back.      In a remote canyon deep in the backcountry wilderness somewhere, the distinctive sound of a...

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From Hand Axes to Five-Axis: A Brief History of Hartzell Propeller

10-09-2014 Hits:375 Featured Articles  - avatar John Loughmiller

September 2014- At the turn of the 20th century, George Hartzell and his son Robert were making rifle stocks from various hardwoods using a proprietary process they had developed that...

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Planning for the Worst, Hoping for the Best

09-09-2014 Hits:304 Featured Articles  - avatar Mike Dowd

September 2014- I learned to fly in 1977, receiving my private pilot certificate in South Texas at the Kleberg County Airport (KIKG). I started Nu Venture Air Services LLC in...

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Cessna 310 Improving a Legend

08-09-2014 Hits:533 Featured Articles  - avatar John Loughmiller

September 2014- Dwane Wallace and his team created the first Cessna 310 in the mid-1950s. The airplane featured an airframe profile which was, and still is, unique. When a Cessna...

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We’ve Been Everywhere, Man

30-07-2014 Hits:505 Featured Articles  - avatar CFA Staff

August 2014- I've been everywhere, man.I've been everywhere, man.Crossed the deserts bare, man.I've breathed the mountain air, man.Of travel I've had my share, man.I've been everywhere.—"I've Been Everywhere," adapted by Hank...

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More Mods, More Modern: Even More Good Things for the 182

30-07-2014 Hits:762 Featured Articles  - avatar Charles Lloyd

  August 2014- Bill, our trusty 1966 Cessna 182, has an insatiable appetite for modifications and other enhancements. These enhancements cover the spectrum from performance mods, to instruments, to avionics.Nine years...

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Skylane Success Story

29-07-2014 Hits:519 Featured Articles  - avatar Jennifer Dellenbusch

  August 2014- Fast on the heels of the 172, Cessna released its second tricycle gear aircraft: the 182.* Based on the rugged 180, it had the fastback-style straight tail lines...

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Simulated Cockpit, Real Training

08-07-2014 Hits:555 Featured Articles  - avatar Tracy Cook

July 2014- Flight simulators have been around in one form or another for the better part of aviation's history. The earliest units were typically built from plywood. They sported vacuum tubes...

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AirVenture Fundamentals

08-07-2014 Hits:526 Featured Articles  - avatar Jennifer Dellenbusch

July 2014- This year will mark my 18th year attending the annual AirVenture fly-in in Oshkosh. It is also the 10th anniversary of the Cessna Flyer Association (to be celebrated in...

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Leading Edge: Engine Monitoring: Predicting the Future with Electronics

12-06-2014 Hits:1062 Featured Articles  - avatar John Loughmiller

June 2014-       Traditionally, a pilot has had one EGT gauge and one CHT gauge that he or she would use to keep track of the performance of an engine. The...

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Considerations for Alternator Upgrades: Running on Plane-Power

12-06-2014 Hits:1052 Featured Articles  - avatar Steve Ells

June 2014-      Replacing the original equipment DOFF-type alternator with a modern, aircraft-specific Plane-Power alternator is a good move. It's a very good move if you're still depending on a generator...

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A Different Breed: Cessna’s Skymasters

12-06-2014 Hits:752 Featured Articles  - avatar Dale Smith

June 2014- When Cessna introduced its "revolutionary" tandem twin 336 Skymaster in 1963, it thought it had a real hit on its hands. After all, with centerline thrust and twin tail...

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Abundance at the Runway’s End

11-06-2014 Hits:621 Featured Articles  - avatar Dan Pimentel

June 2014- In our endless quest to find exciting places to point our airplanes, there are two undeniable factors that almost always dictate if any new destination is going to end...

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Position Report: Helping General Aviation Take Off

06-06-2014 Hits:575 Featured Articles  - avatar Rep. Todd Rokita

June 2014- General Aviation is a homegrown American industry that is responsible for 1.2 million jobs and pumps more than $150 billion into our nation's economy. But it's also an industry...

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Cessna 150 The Little Trainer that Did

30-04-2014 Hits:897 Featured Articles  - avatar Jennifer Dellenbusch

May 2014- With the demise of the 140 in 1951, Cessna looked to fill the entry-level/trainer void with a more modern airframe. Following on the success of the 172, the company...

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CFA learns about tires and retreads at Desser Tire & Rubber Co.

30-04-2014 Hits:1891 Featured Articles  - avatar Steve Ells

May 2014- First off, let's get one Old Aviators Tale ("OAT") out of the way right now. It's safe to install retreaded aircraft tires on retractable gear airplanes. For decades a rumor...

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Ameritech Industries: American Propeller and Eagle Engines

29-04-2014 Hits:828 Featured Articles  - avatar Steve Ells

April 2014- Propellers take a beating. During operations that range from the instant takeoff power is cranked on to power-off stalls and descents, blades continually flex due to changes in aerodynamic...

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“Out of the Clear Blue of the Western Sky…”: The Bamboo Bomber

28-04-2014 Hits:1171 Featured Articles  - avatar Heather Skumatz

March 2014- Cessna Aircraft built its earliest T-50 twins as civilian aircraft for the commercial light transport market. The airplane, which was first flown in March of 1939, was made of...

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Stallion 51’s Unusual Attitude Training

24-04-2014 Hits:703 Featured Articles  - avatar Lyn Freeman

March 2014- When I looked up at the all-glass attitude indicator, for a moment I wasn't quite sure what I was staring at. Instead of a nice horizon line separating...

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Noise Reduction Headsets

24-04-2014 Hits:796 Featured Articles  - avatar John Loughmiller

March 2014- Short of sitting in the front row of a Metallica concert for a few hours, there are few things that compare with the hearing damage a piston engine-powered airplane...

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Cody, Wyo.: A still-small town in the big American West

30-01-2014 Hits:1024 Featured Articles  - avatar Charles Lloyd

February 2014- Have you ever traveled through a town in a hurry and thought to yourself, I ought to come back here sometime when I can stop and smell the...

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Shell Introduces its Unleaded 100 Octane Fuel

30-01-2014 Hits:928 Featured Articles  - avatar Steve Ells

February 2014- Shell Oil issued the following press release on Dec. 1, 2013: SHELL REMOVES LEAD FROM LIGHT AIRCRAFT FUEL Shell today became the first major oil company to develop a lead-free replacement...

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Spotting Airframe Corrosion and Reducing Lead Fouling

30-01-2014 Hits:1400 Featured Articles  - avatar Steve Ells

February 2014- Q: Hi Steve, I'm considering becoming a partner in what looks like a pretty nice 1966 Cessna 182 but I'm concerned about corrosion in the airframe. I seem to...

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Garmin’s Passive ADS-B Solution

27-01-2014 Hits:1420 Featured Articles  - avatar John Loughmiller

January 2014- Ever since the dawn of the Computer Age, two engineering factions have regularly engaged in trench warfare. One group believes that hardware-centric devices are inherently more stable solutions for...

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Clyde’s Vision

27-01-2014 Hits:961 Featured Articles  - avatar Jennifer Dellenbusch

January 2014- Clyde Cessna grew up on a farm near Raymond, Kan. He was a natural tinkerer and liked to know how things worked. He showed a talent for fixing farm...

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