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STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'Running out of trim and elevator authority' in the forum. yesterday

Hi Jimmy;
Yep, what you're describing is not abnormal. Your 1962 182 E is the first year of the fuselage and cabin redesign. Unfortunately, Cessna also found that there was insufficient elevator authority and to solve that, added 10 inches to the horizontal stabilizer span in 1963.
If follows that if there was insufficient elevator with the original O-470, adding the larger engine and prop would further exacerbate the problem.
One thing that will help is to put a lot of weight in the baggage compartment to move the CG aft, especially if when flying with full tanks and passengers in the two front seats.
Another thing that might help is to install a set of Vortex Generators. This small tabs create turbulence which increases lift and control surface power. I put a set on my airplane and noticed that I have a lot more elevator and rudder authority now.


I don’t understand why anyone will recommend a flaps gap seal to increase the authority of the elevator. A gap seal slightly decrease drag in cruise and degrades the wing performance at landing speeds.

Regarding the battery relocation, there are some STC and it have been done with field approvals based in newer models. An alternative is to install a very light battery in the firewall. Atlee Dodge has the STC.


Jimmy Kulbeth replied to the topic 'Anyone have electrical flow problems?' in the forum. yesterday

You are right of course. Did not read the post closely. My bad


Jimmy Kulbeth replied to the topic 'Running out of trim and elevator authority' in the forum. yesterday

Thanks. Happy to learn your experience. Pponk specialist recommended the flap gap modification. Also suggested the sportsman mod which I have already been looking at for performance Improvment. Currently I am carrying 50 lbs of shot in the baggage department which helps but in no way cures the problem. Does anyone out there have a C182E with the sportsman STOL kit on their plane. Also, can one legally move the battery to the rear.


Flap gap seals are not a good idea. (I have them :( ).

It’s the nature of an airplane with so broad weight and balance envelope, when it’s flown with just front passengers and, in your case, aggravated by a heavier propeller in the front.

Don’t modify your airplane. You will only waste money and end frustrated. Most pilots add ballast in the luggage area. 50 pounds of water jugs make a lot of difference. Practice to apply a shot of power when flaring to increase the air flow over the tail.

You have a great machine, enjoy it!


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