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SAM LOWE replied to the topic 'AoA indicators' in the forum. 2 days ago

I have the Alpha Systems Eagle in my Cardinal. It took a little patience in the calibration and it is definitely a two person job, but once that was accomplished it is a treat to fly with. It can be a bit annoying at times as it has alerted me at times when I thought I had ample airspeed in a particular situation but it will definitely make your landings sharper. If you are a active duty or a veteran that will get you a bit of a discount when you call to order.

It was not hard to install. We did it as a joint effort with our A&P (means we did the work and he inspected it). Cutting the mount to fit the inspection plate hole was the most time consuming as we did not really have the best tools (aviation snips, dremel tool, file). We were very cautious and deliberate so as not to have to buy another mounting plate.

If you want to know any more please ask.



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