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April 2012

“The time between the notes relates the colour to the scenes”1

 Annual, day number three, starts out with a predawn ride toward the airport. The maintenance facility where I’ll be working doesn’t open till 0830, but the nearby gym is open early, and these old bones can use the warm-up. I noticed (again) yesterday while lying on my chest to remove the rudder pedal area cover plate that it’s a bit more of a squeeze this year, so maybe the gym stop will ease the squash if I make it a habit....

So, on the way to the airport the radio scan stops on WCBS-FM (which is an oldies station) just in time to catch the opening few notes of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson” come through loud and clear. It’s not 1967, and I’m not in a red Alfa Romeo (actually, an ancient and well-traveled diesel work van), but just like Dustin Hoffman, I’m on my way to visit an older mistress. For a few minutes, I’m smiling despite the chilly morning rain and the heater taking its sweet-ass time to warm up an empty interior.

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