Warning: Cessnas Can Cause Flying Fever: A Kentucky math teacher uses airplanes to propel youth aviation education

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June 2012

It all started innocently enough. Dr. Tim Smith and his wife bought a Cessna 152 for their own flight training. During his quest for a private pilot certificate, Tim ate, drank and slept aviation, so it was no surprise when he taught his Frankfort, Ky. high school math students how to model linear algebra using a flying airplane. Wow. This aviation schtuff is kinda cool, they thought.

At the end of those first nine weeks, Smith’s students did not want to stop, so he enrolled them in an online aviation program called AeroScholars. More students from the high school began to migrate toward an ad hoc aviation program, and before Smith knew it, he had 20 students wanting to learn all they could about flying.

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