Nu-Tek’s Military Flight Simulators

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July 2012

Military flight training prepares students to move into high performance aircraft that have many fascinating flight characteristics. But where can General Aviation pilots experience military flying?

During my visit to Nu-Tek Aircraft Instruments, Steve Cannaby showed me the shop that contains his fascinating second business, Nu-Tek Simulations. It’s where retired military simulators are brought back to life and then transported to airshows all over the country.


John Evans, an old friend and C-414 owner, is a former flight surgeon and speaks fondly of his days in the Air Force tending to his pilot patients and getting his share of stick time in a Phantom. What better surprise than to take John and his son-in-law Aaron Hunt out to Nu-Tek for stick time in an USAF F-4 simulator?

The controls are all there, connected to a PC-based computer program that manages aircraft controls, power and visuals. Take the active runway at St. Louis Lambert Field and move the power levers forward, and the visual display in front of you starts moving faster and faster. Increase the stick back pressure and the Phantom is airborne.

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