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Redheaded Copilot asked me where we should take our 2013 winter vacation. The last couple of years, we’d taken cruises.

I suggested it would be adventurous to take our airplane, N50KF—“50 Kilo Fox”—on a trip to the Out Islands of the Bahamas.

Redheaded Copilot replied, “I can’t swim.” 

I observed that our first stop would be Bimini, which is only 46 nm off the Florida coast; and, that we had crossed Lake Michigan and back (73 nm each way); crossed Cape Cod Bay to Provincetown, Mass. and back (30 nm each way); crossed the Northumberland Strait to Prince Edward Island and back (40 nm each way) and crossed the Chesapeake Bay (40 nm each way) probably 20 different times.

Redheaded Copilot seemed a bit more assured, so she asked, “Where in the Out Islands?”

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