Cessna Flyer Holiday Gift Guide

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Hoop Earrings-
Earwings? These 18k white gold hoops will make a great gift for the female aviator in your life—even if that's you. $695.00

Hoop Dangle Earrings WG for web


Garmin D2 Pilot Watch-
Move over, Dick Tracy: a new era in nifty watches has arrived. The new Garmin D2 Pilot does everything but catch the bad guys. GPS enabled with direct-to and nearest function buttons on its side. Interfaces with Garmin Pilot app. $449.00 msrp

D2 Pilot Watch for web


InReach SE-
He's gone country—backcountry flying, that is. And if he has, make sure he's got a way to keep in touch. DeLorme's inReach SE is a portable satellite communicator. Send and receive text messages via satellite—no cell phone coverage needed. Follow me/find me tracking. Durable; waterproof, dustproof and impact-resistant. $299.00

inReach-SE-Final for web


ZULU-03 Directional Gyro Vintage Watch 9062VW-
Wear this watch and you'll indicate a high degree of style. Luminescent hands over a vintage directional gyro image. Solid 316 Stainless Steel and Black PVD case with a silicone rubber strap. $369.00

gyro watch

Classic Aviation Films Six-DVD set-
History really does repeat itself, because you'll want to watch these DVDs over and over. Aviation history buffs will love this collection of six DVDs that chronicle the history of flight from Kitty Hawk to Cape Kennedy. $42.95

DVD for web


Cessna Panel Desk Organizer-
Bringing new meaning to the term "flying a desk," this cute little pen holder is just 8 inches by 2.75 inches. Modeled on a single engine Cessna panel, it will keep any Cessna owner company in those pesky but necessary hours at work spent between flying. Hand carved mahogany; includes a plate for engraving/personalization. $129.99

172 pen holder

Classic Instruments Coaster Set-
Share your love of flying and keep your tables "ring-free" with this set of four coasters based on vintage style cockpit instruments. Sturdy acrylic. 3.75" diameter. $15.99


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