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Air Plains Services Statement on FAA Emergency AD regarding Lycoming Engines
Wellington, KS. (August 11, 2017) – Air Plains Services has already contacted its customers impacted by the FAA’s proposed Airworthiness Directive regarding a mandatory inspection of certain Lycoming engines installed or overhauled since November 2015.
“We’ve been working with our customers on this since the Lycoming Service Bulletin came out last week,” said Mike Kelley, president of Air Plains Services. “We stay connected with all our customers anyway and on critical issues like this, we like to get ahead of the issue.”
The emergency AD was issued by the FAA late Wednesday (Aug. 9), following the release of a Mandatory Service Bulletin (632B) by Lycoming Engines issued August 4. The AD requires owners of Lycoming engines installed or overhauled between November 2015 and February 2017 to inspect and potentially replace off-spec connecting rod small-end bushings. The affected engines include about 20 Lycoming O360 engines sold by Air Plains Services, and those customers have all been contacted.
For more information, contact Air Plains Services at 1.800.752.8481.


Gary Rudolph created a new topic ' Manifold Fluctuation' in the forum. 5 days ago

I've recently purchased a 2008 T206H and have been having issues with manifold fluctuations at altitude. In the last flight (today) it started fluctuating at 16,500. I'd keep the throttle, mixture and prop as reasonably stable once at 17,500. I've also experienced issues at lower altitudes (14,500) on other flights.

I did use some Mouse Milk on the wastegate shaft the best I could do it without disassembling anything and moving the wastegate with an adjustable crescent wrench. At this point I was going to bring it into the shop, but I'd like to consider opinions on the culprits. 1. Wastegate, 2. Pressure Regulator, 3. Fuel Pump (I forgot to turn on the electric fuel pump to see if that helps). The engine does have 1700 hours, so it's not unlikely something is worn out.



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