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DOUGLAS VINCENT replied to the topic 'First time buyer and getting a pre-purchase inspection' in the forum. 23 hours 10 minutes ago

Suggest you purchase Cessna Pilot Association book on 210 annual inspection. Also other good books on 210 there.


DOUGLAS VINCENT replied to the topic 'Looking to add Pulse/Wig-wag lights on T210M' in the forum. 23 hours 18 minutes ago

I converted my 1981 210N wing tip lights to Whelen. They have a Nav/Strobe combination with minor modifications. Only the holder plate had to be changed Also converted the tail light to Whelen at the same time A few years earlier converted the beacon too Whelen as well. All bright and long lasting bulbs.

Have been very satisfied.



Brian Garrett created a new topic ' Looking to add Pulse/Wig-wag lights on T210M' in the forum. yesterday

Our T210M is currently in the shop doing a complete panel update. We were looking to do a proactive wiring to future proof it a bit as we had an eye for adding on the pulse/wig-wag lights at some time in the future. Given the information from the installer regarding shielded wiring it looks like it may be a better option to just go ahead and do the lights now.

We would need the whole wingtip assembly as currently the only lights on the aircraft on the wingtips are the position lights (no strobes).

Does anyone have suggestions on where a good place would be to purchase these wingtip lights?
Is there a particular brand that everyone is using, or suggest using?




STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'cessna 172rg landing gear question' in the forum. 5 days ago

Hi Matt; I realize I didn't really provide hardly any information on the 172RG in my response last week. And I'm sorry for my curt answer.
One thing you can do very easily is to type "Cessna 172RG POH" into your favorite search engine and in seconds you'll have access to a POH for the 172RG. Red Sky Ventures often has these manuals.
I asked before and I'm wondering what about the 172RG has whetted your interest??
As I mentioned in my last post, many 172RGs piled up a lot of airframe time due to being used in training.
Since the FAA changed the rules and no longer requires a commercial pilot applicant to fly a retractable, gear, constant speed propeller airplane many 172RGs are coming on the market.
There are two ways to buy an airplane. But one that needs work or an extensive avionics upgrade and plow money into it until it's up to what you want, or buy the best equipped and best looking airplane you can afford, and then fly it. I usually advise buyers to take the second route unless they are very handy and a local A & P mechanic is willing to supervise and sign off your work.


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