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The overflow line from the powerpack is a 1/4 inch aluminum line that exits the fuselage just aft of the right cowl flap. I can't say I've heard of this burping before, but it sort of makes sense that if there was a lot of air in the system, that the fluid that was in the reservoir would go into the lines and actuators, thereby lowering the fluid level.
Since the powerpack turns off when the gear goes up, that means there is not a leak in the system since the powerpack is actuated mainly by a pressure switch. If there was a leak the system would never build the 1500 psi required to actuate the switch.
Keep your eye on the fluid level; if you fill it too full, the excess will flow out the overflow line.
As a thought, you might get your mechanic to check to see that the overflow hose is still intact and that the end is outside the airframe.


Hi Steve,

The fluid does seem to come from the front of the aircraft, however it's not easy to source. None of the hoses have any fluid on them, so it doesn't appear to be coming from any leaks around them. The brakes are solid, so I don't think that's where the issue is at.

We did check the hoses to the main landing gear actuators as well. Powerpack isn't running after the gear was up/down.

We've continued to check around with a few other folks and the one piece of advice that seems to be panning out is something to do with air in the line for the gear and with the air in the line it effectively is "burping" out after the flights. After the last two flights there is less and less fluid on the ground and substantially less loss in the reservoir. Does that make sense at all?


Joseph Vandenbosch created a new topic ' Cessna 172F LED Interior lighting' in the forum. 3 days ago

I have a 1965 172F and am thinking of upgrading my interior lighting to LED. Specifically, I'm looking at upgrading the overhead dome/instrument panel lighting to LED and the map light on the front post on the pilot's side. For the map light, I'm looking at the Oplite Maplight 6 dual color LED map light as a replacement []. For the overhead lighting, I'm looking at a simple bulb replacement with an LED equivalent, whichever is more sensible. Does anyone have any experience in this area with their aircraft. Thoughts/suggestions?


Jen D replied to the topic 'C162 in the northern Illinois area' in the forum. 4 days ago

Ok. I'll let you know if I think of any other 162s in your area.



ROD KLEISS replied to the topic 'Better seat belts' in the forum. 4 days ago

Thanks Joe. Do you have 4 point seatbelts in the back? I bought the BAS for the front but would like a better price for rear belts.


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