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Ronald Smith replied to the topic 'Tug Wanted' in the forum. 7 hours ago

I've used a few different tugs and about Dec 2015 I decided to try the Priceless Aviation electric tug. I thought I try it because it was the only one I found at the time that had a swivel between fork and motor. I don't ever have to pick it up to steer. It gets me to the gas pump which is over 150 yds away and back to my hanger with juice to spare. I have an incline in front of my hanger and no problem. Also the forks were plenty long to clear my 01 Cessna 182T wheel pant which are easy for most to hit. There may be others out now that are similar but this one works well for me.


STEVE ELLS replied to the topic '2018 Oshkosh' in the forum. 19 hours 19 minutes ago

Hi Doug;
I too noticed the large rate change last year compared to the year before. In 2016 I had to pinch myself at the service from Enterprise. The agency has it's office in Stevens Point yet there was no special "Oshkosh" premium prices. That changed last year.
I have no idea what to expect this year. The best rates I've ever gotten for rental cars to use at OSH come when I fly commercial into Milwaukee. 90 mile drive to OSH. But who wants to fly Commercial to OSH?
I haven't thought about my OSH rental car yet, but if I fly my Comanche to Waupaca, I'll pay the freight because I, like you find Waupaca a much more peaceful, affordable and easier and safer airport to fly into and out of.
Last year I flew into an out of OSH with another pilot and got a crick in my neck trying to find other airplanes as we departed to head west.


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