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Manuel GARBACCIO created a new topic ' EXACT HEIGHT OF CESSNA 421C' in the forum. yesterday

Hi , i am buying a C421C , my hangar is 3,50 meters height , looking at many websites i found C 421 C height is 11,5 feet (like C414A) which gives me half a inch clearance , even i can buy an aero tug to lift the nose wheel for about 5 inches which then will give more than enough clearance . This morning i crossed one pilot who flew longtime ago on a C421C and was pretty sure that the height was more than 11,5 feet . Can somebody help me to find the exact height of C421C ( 1979 model )
thank you


GERALD COSEY created a new topic ' ISO 182RG or 210 for Comm. Training KVNY or KWHP' in the forum. yesterday

I'm nearing completion for my instrument rating and I'm looking for a 182 RG or 210 for commercial training at Van Nuys or Whiteman airports. I'm not interested in flight school availability issues but will consider anyone who would be willing to rent their airplane?


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