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all for $500.00. Removed from 1974 182 P for PPonk upgrade. approximately 200 hrs on backing plate and lug rings. Spinner is original and has been chromed and needs polishing. Spinner has an approxamently 1/4 inch stop drilled crack at center of the prop blade cut out. Pictures on request.
I also have lots of old avionics which were removed for a panel upgrade including fairly new plastic instrument panel overlays with post lights.
if your interested please contact my private email:


Airforms, Inc. Awarded EASA STC Approval for Installation of High Strength Wheel Hardware on C208/208B Main Wheels
BIG LAKE, ALASKA | June 12, 2017

WASILLA, ALASKA, 2-June-17– Airforms, Inc. is pleased to announce it has received EASA Approval for a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that allows the replacement of the standard AN5 wheel bolts and hardware on Caravan main wheels with high strength Mil-Spec bolts and hardware. The EASA STC Number is 10062054.

“We have received numerous requests for assistance from Caravan operators that have experienced problems with wheel fretting caused by hardware elongating or, in extreme cases, shearing of the wheel bolts themselves. This has been particularly prevalent with aircraft operating at high weights with gross weight increase kits. The stronger Mil-Spec hardware greatly reduces the incidence of wheel damage for these operators,” said Steve Hunter, Sales and Marketing Executive for Airforms.

This STC has previously been approved by the FAA (STC # SA02410AK), and is now approved for the European market.

Highlights of the STC include:

Bolts available in standard length (058), or longer length (060) for use with brake disc spacer
Kits include high strength bolts, washers and nuts
Eligible for all S/N aircraft, Cessna model 208 and 208B
Available as a kit, or buy STC and hardware separately
Precision fit – bolts and hardware fit identically
STC Approved by FAA and EASA

Airforms is the world’s leading supplier of replacement engine baffles for a wide range of general aviation aircraft; products also include an expanding line of turboprop aircraft PMA parts, STCs, and hard to source parts for fleet operators. Airforms maintains an FAA approved manufacturing system for PMA parts.

For more information, including a secure online marketplace and catalog, visit Airforms operates from 7 AM to 7 PM CST business days and can be reached directly at 907-357-8244.

Download our official press release (PDF) here: AIRFORMS INC PRESS RELEASE 9-June-17 – C208-208B Wheel Bolt EASA STC

This part is available in our online store at this link: C208/208B Wheel Bolt STC & Bolts


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