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Christopher Trainor created a new topic ' 1978 182Q needs avionics' in the forum. 16 hours 21 minutes ago

Hi Folks,
I just joined CFA!
I have recently purchased a share of a 1978 Cessna 182.

It has an old KNS80.

I want to update the avionics with GPS and ADSB.

I'm overwhelmed with the choices and am looking for advice and recommendations from the CFA team.

Best Regards,


The Cessna Maintenance Manual for my 1956 172 says that the Elevator Trim Tab Travel is 28* Up and 13* Down.

Is this Aircraft Nose Up... and Nose Down ?


Is it Trailing Edge of Trim Tab Up and Trailing Edge of Trim Tab Down ?

I know it seems crazy.... but it doesn't seem clear


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