Owning The Ultimate Skylane

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January 2005

It was time. Eleven years earlier in 1988 I had fulfilled a childhood dream and obtained my pilot’s license, and in 1993 the instrument rating. I had a stable job in a successful company, with considerable vacation earned over many years of service.

I could foresee 200-plus hours per of flying, and an increased commitment to Angel Flight. My new bride Tina was an enthusiastic right-seat companion. The Moon was in the Seventh House, Jupiter had aligned with Mars—and I wanted my own airplane.

There was an additional consideration. The aircraft available to rent were…well, with scant exception, the flight line evoked an Albanian used car lot. Every third or fourth rental had some exasperating deficiency: a broken door latch or radio, an inoperative transponder or instrument, often leading to cancelled flights.

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