Cessna 310R

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August 2012


The Cessna 310 started life in 1954 as Cessna’s first postwar, modern twin engine airplane. Its iconic lines and distinctive tiptanks were made famous by the 1950s television show “Sky King.” The 310’s prolific production run came to an end in the 1980s when the General Aviation industry succumbed to a miserable economy.

More than 5,000 Model 310s were produced. The last of the breed was the “R” model. Its long nose and long side windows, along with a bulbous aft cabin window, gives the 310R a distinctive profile. It looks as if it is going 200 knots even when it’s standing still.

The R model grossed out at 5,500 pounds, and with stock engines (Continental 520s), it was fast, comfortable and “Cessna-easy” to fly.

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