Are you interested in contributing an article to Cessna Flyer magazine?

Whether you’re as-yet unpublished or have been freelancing for decades, we welcome submissions from authors that are knowledgeable about various aspects of owning and flying Cessna aircraft.

About our magazines

We pride ourselves on having the best member magazines in General Aviation. Our members expect relevant and professionally written articles in every issue of Cessna Flyer.

Based on a recent survey, our members strongly prefer technical information that is well-researched, authoritative and specific to their situation. General interest-aviation and joy-of-flying pieces are better suited to other magazines—unless they feature an interesting and unusual aspect of Cessna aircraft.

Our ideal feature is something that is very positive in tone, chock-full of original ideas and real-life details, and uses specific Cessna examples wherever appropriate.

Stories should be written for an audience that’s already been flying for a while and has a working familiarity with the systems in their aircraft.

For examples of the types of features we publish, take a look at the Featured Content.

Materials and acceptance policy

Cessna Flyer magazine publishes only original, first-run material. If you’ve published a story—whether it appears on your personal blog, in an electronic magazine, or in other traditional print media—we cannot accept it.

Please apprise us of simultaneous submissions when you send your story to us. Once Cessna Flyer editors have notified you of an acceptance, we kindly ask you to withdraw the piece from consideration with any other publishers.

Similarly, if a piece is accepted elsewhere before Cessna Flyer editors are able to respond, we expect you to notify us promptly so we may cancel consideration of your piece.

Author guidelines

Features for Cessna Flyer run between 1,200 and 2,000 words. Sidebars typically run 80 to 200 words. We do occasionally publish longer stories, and we would entertain a series of stories that are unified by a particular theme, such as a restoration project.

As a general rule, Cessna Flyer contributors provide the high-res art to accompany their own editorial materials. If you are unable to supply art, or need assistance, please indicate this to the editors at the time of your submission.

All work should be composed in Microsoft Word using a readable typeface and saved with your last name and a short descriptor in the file name (e.g., “Gauge Troubleshooting_Smith.doc”).

Be sure to include a working title as well as the author’s name as they wish it to appear in print at the top of the first page.

We reserve the right to change the title as well as edit for length, grammar and content.

We will copy-edit to conform to our house style and/or AP style.

Any new-to-us authors should include a 35- to 50-word biography along with their story. If you prefer that we write your bio, send a short list of noteworthy accomplishments (ratings, etc.) and we’ll craft something and send it to you for approval.

About our members

Most of our members are Cessna aircraft owners with at least a private pilot license and about half are instrument rated. They are active pilots and many hold an A&P license so that they may participate in the maintenance of their aircraft.

The majority of our members are based in the United States and Canada; however, we provide support to members in over 20 countries around the world.