Glass Panel Centurion: N6100Y, an upgraded Turbo 210

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November 2012

 Allan Ramsay retired a few years ago from a career in medical equipment sales, but he has the soul of an old-fashioned “white socks, pocket protector, nerdy engineer” (RIP, Neil Armstrong). It shows in his airplane:  N6100Y is meticulously maintained, carefully flown, and has an upgraded  cockpit that features a Garmin G600/G500 glass panel.

That makes Ramsay’s airplane unusual, to say the least—the entire production run of the 210 type (1959 to 1986) predated the introduction of glass panel avionics in General Aviation airplanes. Thus, Ramsay has created something Cessna never produced at its factory: a truly high performance retractable piston single with a state-of-the-art panel.


If you ever see one of the very early 210s, you may not recognize it—when introduced, the type had external wing struts, a 260 hp engine and four seats. It was actually closer in looks and capability to the later 182RG than the 210 Ramsay owns, and it represented Cessna’s first attempt to build a retractable single. Fitting retractable gear into a high wing was a challenge, and gear problems plagued early models.

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