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Cessna Flyer January 2022 digital issue

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The View from Here • Jennifer Dellenbusch
Letters to the Editor
Cessna Flyer Events
The High and The Writey • Kevin Garrison
Questions & Answers • Steve Ells
Carb Ice: A Known Unknown • Glynn Dennis
Trust, but Verify • Kevin Garrison
Cessna 172 Inspection Tips • Steve Ells
DESTINATION: Port Aransas, Texas • Troy Whistman
Aircraft Safety Alerts


AD-2020-00716-A Cessna 210 and Cessna 177 Wing Spar (Additional Year Models Added)

SUMMARY: The FAA proposes to adopt a new airworthiness directive (AD) for all Textron Aviation Inc. (Textron) (Type Certificate previously held by Cessna Aircraft Company) Models 210N, 210R, P210N, P210R, T210N, T210R, 177, 177A, 177B,

177RG, and F177RG airplanes. This proposed AD was prompted by the in-flight break-up of a Model T210M airplane in Australia, due to fatigue cracking that initiated at a corrosion pit, and subsequent corrosion reports on other Model 210-series and Model 177-series airplanes. This proposed AD would require visual and eddy current inspections of the carry-thru spar lower cap, corrective action if necessary, application of a protective coating and corrosion inhibiting compound (CIC), and reporting the inspection results to the FAA. The FAA is proposing this AD to address the unsafe condition on these products.

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Cessna Flyer Association Webinars



Cessna Flyer webinars are offered free to all interested. Topics include maintenance and flying tips to help you get the most from owning and flying your Cessna.

Upcoming FAA WINGS-eligible Webinars with Kevin Garrison

05/27/21 4 PM Pacific

Fuel Management - Source, Force, Course.   
Dates and times to be announced for June and beyond.
  • June: Weather Decisions “I've Looked at Clouds From Both Sides Now”
  • July: Know Your Limitations “Airplane and Personal— There are Limits”
  • August: Landings Equal Takeoffs
  • September: How to Prepare for a Checkride or Flight Review. “Nobody Wants to Bust”
Past webinars can be viewed on the Cessna Flyer YouTube channel. Like and subscribe!