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Ken Rogers’ Crusader

Written by Jennifer Dellenbusch
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Ken Rodgers was a man on a mission—to find the right twin-engine aircraft for use in his business. He needed a twin that would be able to easily get him to both the West and East Coast and to Canada from his base in Wisconsin. He wanted a twin that would be relatively easy to fly as he had very little twin time.

He researched everything from the Cessna 421 on down, spending some time looking at Aerostars, 340s and 310s. Then a friend of his, John, an RJ trainer for a major airline, suggested he look at the Cessna 303 Crusader. John felt that the 303 was an ideal plane for a pilot stepping up from single to twin. He described it as forgiving: “It’s hard to get yourself in trouble with this plane,” he told Ken.

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