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Richard Finkle replied to the topic 'now fork conversion c 182' in the forum. 2 days ago

Check your equipment list for the plane. If it mentions Heavy Duty gear, look for a 310 nose fork. It is the same part # as the HD nose fork for the C182. 600x6 is the biggest tire you can install on the HD nose fork. That would probably keep your mains at 800x6.

If you want to go to 850x6 on the nose and mains, time to get in touch with Airglass . It will cost you about $5K but comes with an STC for up to 850's all the way around.

I have had planes configured both ways and either choice will accomplish what you want.


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Kirk Condon created a new topic ' Cessna 185 Utility Seat in 182C' in the forum. 4 days ago

Has anyone installed the utility seats that are an option for 180 and 185 models in a 182? Specifically have you had any determination from the FAA whether this is a minor or major alteration requiring a 337 and/or field approval. I have a C model 182 which is the narrow fuselage version, and the Cessna utility jumpseats will install with no modification except installing 2 nut plates on the rear lower door frame.


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STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'Spinner' in the forum. 6 days ago

The spinner and propeller part numbers are both spelled out in the Type Certificate Data Sheet which means, that unless you have installed an aftermarket propeller, the spinner must be installed to be legal in the eyes of the FAA.


STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'Engine monitors' in the forum. 6 days ago

Hi Stephen,
Steve Ells here. When you ask for EGT numbers you should realize that the actual nominal value (the number) is of little value by itself. Due to variances in each installation such as how far from the exhaust port the EGT probe is installed, the orientation of the probe(s) relative the fore and aft alignment, etc. the number from another 182 will not be a viable EGT number for your installation.
EGT numbers are invaluable for leaning and the main use is finding the number where the cylinders hit peak EGT. I'll guarantee you,due to the rudimentary induction system on the 182 engine, that no two cylinders on your engine will hit peak at the same fuel flow. So always select the FIRST cylinder to achieve peak as the one to lean off of. I believe your JPI monitor actually has a Rich of Peak "first cylinder to peak" option that will help you find the first.
One time an EGT number is used is when setting takeoff mixtures when flying from a high altitude airport. As you know lower atmospheric pressures at altitude lessen the amount of oxygen in the air therefore less fuel is needed to achieve the correct mixtures.
My advice is to select (and write down) the EGT number of one cylinder (#1, #2, or) during a normal full throttle takeoff from a sea level airport. Lean at high altitude airport take offs by pulling back on your mixture control until you get the same EGT number on your chosen cylinder. Then you'll have the correct takeoff mixture for that takeoff at that altitude.
The critical number, and the one you can control is CHT. Prevent CHTs from going above 400 deg F. You can open your cowl flaps, lessen the climb angle or richen the fuel air mixture to control your CHTS.


STEVE ELLS replied to the topic 'Flap Gap Seals' in the forum. 6 days ago

From what I understand, and I have to preface this answer by saying I've never flown a 182 to compare the before and after speeds following the installation of flap and aileron gap seals, you shouldn't count on any speed increase.


Brian Rau created a new topic ' Flap Gap Seals' in the forum. 6 days ago

Hi, How much airspeed increase can be expected by adding Flap Gap Seals to a 1969 C182? I understand concerns about take off performance decreasing, but I have a IO 550 in it, so that is not much of a concern. Thanks, Brian


Paul Guilbert replied to the topic 'Engine monitors' in the forum. 1 week ago

Do you mind me asking how much it cost installed? Thanks.


Jose Duch replied to the topic 'Spinner' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Yes Kent is a 1969 M model. The reason I ask is that I’m in El Salvador , and it will take a couple of weeks before a new spinner gets here.


PAOLO MONTANARI created a new topic ' DME King KN62A' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

I have some problem with the dysplay of the KN62A. It appears quite dark also in sun.
I have no maintenance manual for it ,but I think there should be a potentiometer somewhere to improve the visibility of the display.
Does anybody can help me with indication of how to , or where to find a service manual for the DME


Kent Dellenbusch created a new topic ' Aircraft for a photo shoot in the New York City' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Wanted: Aircraft for a photo shoot in the New York City area during November 15-17, 2017.

Suitable aircraft: Cessna 206 (with square baggage door or double aft doors) or C-210 (older models with flat spring gear and square baggage door), Piper Seneca, Lance or Cherokee Six. Aft or baggage doors need to be removed for photo shoot.

Photo shoot will be of a Cirrus SR-22T along the Hudson River Corridor.

Photo Pilot: Bruce Moore (30+ yr. photo pilot & formation flight instructor) Aircraft Owner can fly right seat on the mission.
Photographer: Jim Koepnick (award winning aviation photographer) [See our website:]

Please call or e-mail Bruce for more details and to discuss compensation:



Kent Dellenbusch replied to the topic 'Spinner' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

May I ask what year your 182 is?



Jose Duch created a new topic ' Spinner' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Is the spinner required to fly the 182?


Lennox Francis replied to the topic 'Just moved to the LA, California area' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Thanks Jen, for the leg-work and feedback appreciate it a lot!!! I will let u know what I experienced as I get things done.



Jen D replied to the topic 'Just moved to the LA, California area' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

I asked around and here are some recommendations:
From Tim at HHR:
I have been using Security Aviation at HHR for 10+ years. They are good people and fair. As far as avionics, there isn’t anything at HHR. I still use Deepun. (Affordable Avionics at CNO)

From Mike:
I don't know anybody at HHR, but I know several pilots based there, so I'll see if I can get you some info.

Meanwhile, I've been using a guy named Ben at Ben's Motor Works, at FUL. We do owner-assisted annuals with him, where we open it up in our hangar, do all our routine maintenance, then call him up for the inspection. Then, we get the parts in and he oversees us doing most of the work.

For Avionics, we've been using Affordable Avionics at CNO. Deepun Desai runs the place, and he did our original GNS530W install 8 or so years ago. He promised 10 days and called us up on day 8 and said it'd be ready on day 9. NOBODY gets work done early! One minor hiccup on the install that he fixed in about 10 minutes, and rock solid ever since. I've sent several other customers his way, and in general, they're very happy. He made a rather large mistake on one guy's plane, which he immediately owned up to and paid the shop (in New Mexico!) that he ended up on the road for the fix. So, he's not perfect, but he takes responsibility if and when he does mess up. Our airplane is there right now for GTX345 and FlightStream 210 installation.

Advanced Avionics at CNO is also excellent. Howard's at POC and Leading Edge Avionics (used to be Western) at SNA both do great work, but they tend to be slow, very busy, and pretty pricey, from all the people I know who've had things done at those shops.

Affordable Avionics: (909) 606-9876
Security Aviation: (310) 978-1095


Kent Dellenbusch created a new topic ' alternator belt : need width dimension,' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Parts request of the day: Alternator belt , need width dimension, may have a mislabeled part
FYF ( For Your Files )
I had a request today from a member looking for an alternator belt width. I had asked Steve Ells and the reply I received I felt everyone should know. Here it is.

I didn’t find any width for that installation but the width of the belt for the later Lycoming powered 182 is 3/8 of an inch. I hope that helps.

What happens that requires Mr. Ferguson replace the belt?? Does the belt break down, does it break, or is it thrown off the pulley?
If it’s thrown off the pulley there’s a possibility that this is due to what are called unabsorbed torsional vibrations.
Here’s why. The belt vibrates in resonance to abnormal torsional mode vibrations in the crankshaft.
The crankshaft vibrations are due to improper counterweight installation or excessive counterweight bushing or pin wear that has “de-tuned” the crankshaft.
Other symptoms of a de-tuned crankshaft are alternator mount cracking, oil cooler cracking and crankcase cracks.
There may also be a slight buzz felt in the airframe structure.
Often, de-tuning is difficult to troubleshoot, but since the alternator belt is sensitive to torsional vibrations, it’s a good indicator of a de tuned crankshaft.
De-tuning occurs when the dynamic counterweights can not follow the spectrum of frequencies for which they were designed.
According to information in chapter 11, “Forces, Vibrations and Balance,” in the Sky Ranch Engineering Manual, if the counterweights can’t follow the spectrum, rapid and severe damage to the counterweights, rollers and bushings may result, culminating in engine failure.

5 operating conditions can cause the counterweight system to detune.
1. Rapid opening and closing of the throttle.
2. High engine speed and low manifold pressure
3. Excessive speed and power—cleve to the operating manual
4. Propeller feathering—doesn’t apply to the 182
5. Operating the engine when it’s running rough such as from a fouled spark plug, bad plug lead or anything else.
One other thought—if an aftermarket alternator, or an upgrade to a 90 alternator has been installed, there might be information about changing the alternator belt in the installation instructions.

So short of alignment, proper belt tension, and proper belt size, the only thing I can think of that would cause belts to flip off the is a de tuned crankshaft.
I believe that sophisticated propeller balancing and vibration spectrum analysis equipment is able to verify the presence of abnormal torsional vibrations. You might try the Continental shop at Fairhope, Alabama if you can’t find a more local shop with vibration spectrum detection equipment. The number at Fairhope is (251) 990-5080.
Some of the things we learn are priceless.


Kent Dellenbusch replied to the topic 'brand new fuel bladder leaking' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Hi Kent
It looks like he may just have a loose hose clamp or needs to tighten the screws or bolts on the gaskets.
Clamps are snug, 10-32 screws 30 inch lbs and 1/4-28 bolts 50 inch lbs and no gasket cement.
If that doesn’t work then a phone call would be best.

Kurt Hartwig
President / Accountable Mgr

Eagle Fuel Cells
617 Skylane Taxiway
Eagle River, WI 54521 USA

Tel: (715) 479-6149
TF: (800) 437-8732
Fax: (715) 479-6344
FAA Certified Repair Station Certificate No. NL5R071N
EASA Certified Repair Station Certificate No. EASA.145.6562


Kent Dellenbusch replied to the topic 'brand new fuel bladder leaking' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the info. I'll pass this along and get back to you.