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Question for ya'll -- which battery (Gill, Concorde, or other) has worked best for your GA bird?

I just had to replace a battery that was only in...
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CHARLES LLOYD replied to 9 years ago

I started using an iPad two years ago implementing a paperless cockpit with ForeFlight. This is after using a PDA plus PC based flight planning...

Jen D replied to 9 years ago

But this original post probably should have gone to the Maintenance group. oh, well

Jen D replied to 9 years ago

Good post Gary.

GARY SMITH replied to 9 years ago

I stand by my previous comments. TBO is certainly important & needs to be part of the equation whenever you're considering anything with respect to...

TOM SCHIFF replied to 9 years ago

I have the iPad which has the advantage of running ForeFlight. Used it for my 5,000 NM trip last summer. Enroute it was my source of maps, airport...