The Power of Oshkosh

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October 2012

 Having had the luxury of flying up in my friend’s aircraft, my experience to Oshkosh started off amazingly. Henry Graeber, Greg Kelsoe and I piled into Henry’s plane and we were off to Waupaca (KPCZ). I’ve been a student pilot for almost three years, but that’s another story.

We arrived early in Waupaca, Wis. for the Cessna Flyer Association Gathering so I was able to meet—and immediately connected with—the association’s great members and staff.

It was an excellent event. The hotel and meeting rooms were very nice, and the weekend’s outstanding presentations made me all the more excited to get my Oshkosh camping experience in full swing. Kent and Jennifer, the founders of the association, were able to help me find a ride to the grounds a few days early to ensure I would have a great site for my tent.

When I arrived at the AirVenture campgrounds I was directed to a suitable area by one of the many volunteers who told me that any area not taped off was fair game. Great! I found a great spot by a tree and started to set up my tent, but after a closer look at my new site I found an animal carcass… but no tape.

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