Destination: Cambria, Calif.

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July 2013-

It’s a cool Saturday in March when we arrive in Cambria, Calif. for a weekend visit.

We are greeted warmly at the front desk of the Cambria Pines Lodge, but our room is not quite ready. No problem, we’ll use the time to check out the town and stop for lunch.

Cambria is a small town located about midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It sits on the ocean’s edge with its back to the rolling hills of California’s central coast. The area was once a part of the lands of the Mission San Miguel, later a part of the 13,000-acre Rancho Santa Rosa of Don Julian Estrada.

By 1880, Slabtown (as it was then named) was the second largest town in San Luis Obispo County. Cambria was made the official town name in 1870, likely because the residents were tired of trying to explain why their town was named Slabtown (apparently it got its name from the rough slab wood construction of the buildings). A devastating fire wiped out Main Street in 1889, but the town survived and rebuilt.

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