Cessna 172G Oleo Strut Leaking

6 days 8 hours ago #2173 by STEVE ELLS
Another "field" fix is to add a little Granville Strut Seal (available at Aircraft Spruce and Specialty ( www.aircraftspruce.com ) to the fluid. I've never used it but it has been on the market for a long time so it must do some good.

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1 week 1 day ago #2172 by TOM BRAEUNIG
McFarlane has recently come out with a new and redesigned seal kit for Cessna's. Here's a link to their description of the new seal. They say that it will solve all nose strut leak-down problems.

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3 months 3 weeks ago #1934 by STEVE ELLS
Chad, I spoke with Richard over the phone yesterday and am as puzzled as he is.
One thing I didn't tell him was to:1) check the strut to make sure it's straight. A bent strut tube will cause abnormal O ring wear
Check the lower O ring holder (alignment bushing) to see if there's any indication of abnormal wear on one wide versus the others. Abnormal wear would show as a shiny area compared to the other inner portions of the bushing/ o-ring sleeve.
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3 months 3 weeks ago #1927 by KENNETH C HILTY
Thank you Steve - I have relayed this to my mechanic. Is there an email address (with CFA) or way for him to contact you about this issue? His name is Richard Diamond (). He is asking to share with you his experience with the strut. It sounds like your suggestions are on track and I have asked him to pull the strut and make the measurements you suggested.

Will let you know what we find.

Thanks again,


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3 months 3 weeks ago #1921 by STEVE ELLS
Hi Chad;
I suggest you and your mechanic pull the strut and very carefully measure it to see if it's the same diameter all along the length of the chromed surface.
If the strut is worn and undersize any place along it's length you can get it rechromed back to standard dimension. The following is an answer I supplied to a similar question:
Aerospace Coatings International ( www.aerocoatings.com ) in Oxford, Alabama has an approved process to re-chrome Cherokee and other Piper struts.
I just spoke with Tiffany at customer service there and was told that if the outside diameter of the strut that needs repair is less than two and a half inches the cost is $650; if the measurement is greater than 2.5 inches the cost is $775.
Tiffany said to send the strut to the 370 Knight Dr. address in Oxford. Include all of your contact information (phone, email) and the strut part number.
If the strut can’t be repaired for any reason, there is an $80 fee to cover the inspection phase.
Turn around time was quoted at 14 to 21 days. Every re-chromed strut is sent back with a fresh airworthiness (8130) tag.
I’ve spoken to Chromecraftreman.com and to the askogroup.com in Sacramento and Seattle, respectively and both companies are chroming specialists, but both told me that they would have to have printed data related to the specifications of size, type of chrome and other details.
It looks like Aerospace Coatings is the company best set up to do your struts.
Please let me know how it turns out.
It's also possible that the part that holds the o-ring (called a Ring-pack support in the parts manual; the part number is 0841200-42 superseded to 0841211-1) is worn which lets the strut wobble as it slides up in down. If the strut is too small due to wear, or the Ring is too big the o-ring can't handle the excessive clearance.
The good news is that this ring is used on a lot of Cessna nose struts so you chances of finding a good one from a salvage yard is good; the not so good news is that a new one costs $1678.

Let me know what you find.

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3 months 4 weeks ago #1918 by KENNETH C HILTY
I appreciate any help on this topic. I have a 1966 172G model which has been having issues with a leaking nose strut . I have had the nose seal kit (McFarlane) replaced 3 times in 2 years - I was originally told this was due to weather changes or contamination of the oleo strut. I have been very careful to wipe the strut and move it through the range of motion on the ground using Strutwipes. The strut was last re-sealed in November by the shop on my field and then I flew it last 2 weeks ago, but when I went to fly today the nose gear had bottomed out again. The maintenance director told me that there is likely a larger issue than the seal and that he doesn't have experience beyond that for fixing this issue. Do I need a new strut or have it completely rebuilt? Who would I contact to do this work? I'm based out of KBUY (Burlington, NC) and have had my annuals and repair work at Triad Aviation (HHTriad Engines, Propellors and Maintenance).

I've been a long-time Cessna Flyer member, but this is the first time that I've reached out for suggestions. Hope someone can help me!


Chad Hilty

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