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Split the actions of locating the plane, pre-buy inspection and purchase.
Once you locate put down a deposit and have a written agreement for refund until conclusion of pre-buy with all airworthiness issues and ADs resolved. Do not let an annual replace the pre-buy inspection. use for the pre-buy inspection process. They are a great help and super smart. They have custom lists of things to look and look out for. They have a clearly defined process and I suggest you read about it before you start your purchase. They prevented me from buying 3 different airplanes that all looked good at first glance.

There are scammers out there, I found one guy who was selling a good plane and engine until I discovered deep in the logs some discrepancy. With Savvy assistance we discovered it was not a valid log entry for the engine replacement. Turned out the owner had swapped the burned out engine with one (claimed to be low time) from a junker.

Personally, if trying to build time, I think a partnership is the most cost effective, but if you can afford your own plane, I hope you find a gem and love it a long and happy time!
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I am a low time (200H) private pilot (KGAI airport, Gathersburg, MD) planning to buy an airplane to get my IFR training and hopefully rating. I know I want a Cessna 172, N or higher. I don’t like clubs and shared ownership. I understand there are different ways to do this.

1- Because I don’t have much experience I don’t think buying by myself is a good idea but am open to suggestions.

2- I can work with a broker but from what I read it is not easy to get a broker that is on my side and I think they are expensive.

3- Last option is to get a full service company like Hanger67

I appreciate any and all recommendations and help you may provide.
PS: I am also a first time Forum user, please forgive any mistake I made here.

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