HSI for Cessna 182C

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8 years 4 months ago - 8 years 4 months ago #119 by James H. Weddell
HSI for Cessna 182C was created by James H. Weddell
I have a 1960 Cessna182C. The original instrument panel has a significant limitation as to the depth of an instrument mounted in the panel on either side of the control column. The end of the control column (behind the panel) has a sprocket which ties the aileron control of the two yokes together. This limits the depth of the gages mounted on either side of the column. Does anyone have any information regarding a non-slaved (vacuum) HSI that will fit into this area. I'm trying to upgrade the avionics while maintaining the original Cessna panel. I currently have a Narco DGO-10 in the hole. It is 40+ years old and is beginning to have some accuracy issues. To get the DGO-10 into that spot, the installer actually separated the unit into three units and remotely mounted two of them.

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