Excess Fuel usage TR182

1 week 4 days ago #2254 by Michael Pendergast
Hoping that someone else may have come across this issue before, any help or ideas we have not already explored will be appreciated.

I own and operate privately a low hour (1,760 hr TT) 1981 TR182, that uses excessive fuel at altitude (still below 10,000ft) can lean to 50 litres per hr (13 GPH) at 2000ft AMSL but leaning exactly the same way at 9,000ft AMSL it runs rough or to lean under 60 LPH (15+GPH) some days it can be 62 or 63 LPH (15.7 GPH) before it runs smooth.

Have installed EGT gauge, TIT gauge, replaced carby, replaced mechanical fuel pump, replaced spark plugs, checked timing and high tension leads, inspected turbo and all mechanical linkage at turbo, inspected all induction system, checked waste gate, replaced fuel primer.

It runs that rich it leaves black exhaust smoke stains along the fuselage after only 1-2hr running.

We are actually on our 3rd re-manufactured carby from a company in the USA (I won't mention the company as yet) the first 2 carby's had faults with them.

Thanks in advance for any ideas. Michael.

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