Alternator Upgrade 182S

4 days 14 hours ago #2282 by DARIN DIVINIA
I saw that used one out there. I am upgrading to LEDs and have not had an issue. Just wondering if there was an upgrade package out there.


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1 week 2 days ago #2264 by STEVE ELLS
Replied by STEVE ELLS on topic Alternator Upgrade 182S
Update, I failed to fully read your post.
You will absolutely need the 95 amp alternator is you install the Kelly A/C unit. Before you pay for the unit, ask how much electrical power it draws. I installed an electrically driven A/C unit on a Cessna Skymaster once. It drew 70 amps; so much that we had to upgrade both alternators from 38 amps to 60 amps to provide the required cushion between full load and full capacity.

You may need both a new 95 amp alternator and the second 95 amp alternator Kelly offers to get that cushion.


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1 week 2 days ago #2263 by STEVE ELLS
Replied by STEVE ELLS on topic Alternator Upgrade 182S
The 60 amp alternator on your 182S is called a small frame alternator; the 95 amp alternator which was an option on 182S models after serial number 81190 and on, is called a large frame alternator.

You can see the difference on this page: .

Upgrading to 95 amps will also require a regulator change.
I believe the alternator mounting brackets will need to be changed with the shift to the large frame unit.

I looked for a Cessna service kit to install the 95 amp alternator but didn't see it on the listing from Textron/Cessna. That doesn't mean there isn't one, I just couldn't track it down late Saturday night.

I did find a used 95 amp alternator on eBay for $500. It's being sold by airplanepartsandservices in Florida. It's part number 9910592-3, which is the correct one.

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF

There is a kit from Kelly Aerospace to install a second 95 amp alternator to an airplane that already has an existing 95 amp alternator. That's no help but I thought it was interesting.

Have you done a load analysis to determine how many amps are needed when everything it turned on? Pitot heat, landing lights, instrument lights, avionics, etc. If the maximum load is less than 80 percent of the rated capacity of the alternator, or 48 amps, your alternator is not overloaded.

If you're looking for an alternate electric power source there is a FAA approved 20 amp alternator from B and C ( ) that is approved for installation on the Cessna 210. While 20 amps won't power everything, it is enough power to safely continue to the nearest airport without loss of essential avionics provided you shed unnecessary electric loads as soon as possible.

There's also a FAA approved wind driven generator that tucks up in the right wing. When the pilot detects a loss of the primary alternator, the BAE-14/28 wind turbine is manually deployed. It can supply 12 amps at 28 volts.

I hope this help

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1 week 4 days ago #2259 by DARIN DIVINIA
I have a 182S with the factory 60A alternator. I see the later ones have a 95A. Does anybody offer an upgrade kit?

I was looking the the Kelly Air Conditioning system and they require that.

I am thinking ahead - my alternator is original - if it is pretty straight forward - why not upgrade it to 95A?



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