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Hi Steve;
I have the same problem in my 1960 Comanche. I have checked and re-checked all the possible gaps, torn steering rod covers, and cabin heat valves in an attempt to determine why there's so much heat on my feet during flight.

I haven't found any potential leaks. But I do know that the firewall between the engine and the cabin in a very thin (0.025 inch) stainless steel sheet. So the firewall itself provides little heat transfer protection.

Originally Piper installed a thin blanket of fiberglass insulation on the cabin side of the firewall, but that's not in very good shape in my airplane. And it's very difficult to attempt to retro fit new insulation because of the wires, cable, avionics, etc. that limit access.

I do know of owners that have installed a layer of a fire resistant insulating layer (KoolMat from Aircraft Spruce) on the engine side of the firewall to lessen the heat radiated through the firewall.
I haven't yet done that because it would require the engine and engine mount removal but I believe that would render a big improvement in cabin comfort.

The only thing I would suggest is to gain access to the cabin side of the firewall, and feeling for any leaks when an assistant on the engine side applies either shop air or air from the exhaust side of a vacuum cleaner to all the possible leaks spots on the firewall.

If you can't find any leaks, you can cool the cabin by buying a portable ice cooler/blower in the cabin while you're flying. Type "airplane ice box cooler" in your search engine. There are 12 and 24 volt versions. If you're handy with tools and like to build things, you can get plans for one of these on Youtube. I typed "Redneck air conditioner" in my search engine for plans you can print.

Check the cabin side insulation, check the flapper valves on the heat boxes on the firewall to see if they close tightly, and check the nose gear steering rod boots for leaks.

Please let me know what you find.


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How hot is too hot… was created by Steven Casazza
Hi Steve (and other members of course)

Took my first summer time xc from DC to Nashville…8am departure then up at 8500 to cross into WV and ended up descending below the build ups, 65 then 45 then 35 so things got quite warm in the cockpit. I’ve noticed previously that the engine gives off quite a bit of heat, and w the warmer temps the everything gets quite hot up front.

Yes the dash gets very hot from sun, but what is normal to expect from heat just coming from the engine compartment itself? I mean my avionics were very hot to the touch so much I was concerned. All my devices were borderline overheating. I can’t tell if that’s from the windshield or heat from the engine? Engine monitor temps were all fine so didn’t seem concerned from that perspective.

I can feel quite a bit of heat radiating from underneath where my legs are positioned although not so much so that it was un bearable just quite noticeable.

Sounds like a dumb question, I know summer cockpits can be quite warm w/o a/c of some sort but is this common for a 182 to give off so much residual heat?

Any guidance would be helpful…

Thank you


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