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With a bit of assistance, you can trace this down yourself pretty quick provided you can duplicate it. I think I can help you make short work of this issue.

Bob Weber
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Starting Problems; Electrical was created by KENT VANDENBERG
My C-205A has an intermittent electrically related starting problem which I have not been able to isolate to a failed part(s). With the Master ON, then engaging the Ignition switch to START, I occasionally get nothing, like a dead battery, but the battery is strong and I'm sure not the problem (a sealed Concorde that's a few months old). The battery connects to the battery contactor, which then connects to the starter contactor, then to the starter. The starter contactor coil is energized by the Ignition switch which gets power off the Master buss.

I removed the starter contactor and bench tested it (not under load, difficult to simulate) and the contactor closes every time with basically 0 ohms between the terminals. Wire brushed all the terminals and wires before re-installing the starter contactor; no change. I also tested the Ignition switch to make sure +12V is getting to the starter contactor coil (starter disconnected); no failures seen. I can't say these are real conclusive tests; I tried testing them a number of times and got no failures. Perhaps it is the battery contactor for which I have not performed any tests.

Does anyone have a feel or experience with what may be the most likely failure scenario for such a problem? The battery contactor (ON continuously), the starter contactor (ON intermittently), or the ignition switch? Something else? It also may be temperature sensitive. Doesn't seem to like cold, but when things are warmed up, I have not yet had a problem. This has only been going on for the last dozen or so starts and it doesn't happen all the time. I don't want to get too far from home and have trouble getting started until I figure this out!

Thank you.

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