Is a 1963 205 instrument panel interchangeable with early 206?

1 year 11 months ago #1714 by STEVE ELLS
Hi Luke;
I like your thinking but as you can see from the attached PDF, there's very little difference between a 205 primary panel and any of the 206 panels.
Here are the part numbers: 205 0713621-2 for serials 001-480, and 0713621-3 for all serials after 480
206 part numbers are 0713696-8 for serial numbers 001 through 275; and 713781-1 for serial number 276-656 and P206 serial number 001 through 306.
713781-2 is for serial number 657-941; and P206 s/n 307-419.

One difference between the early panels such as the one in your 205 is the change from what's called the AN type DG, to the modern rotating face DG. The modern DGs are much smaller, lighter and easier to visualize.

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF

The first true "sacred six" layout was installed beginning in 1968 with serial number 915. That panel had a floating center part that supported the vacuum DG and AH.
It also appears as though Cessna riveted the primary panel to the structure, and depended on the center floating panel to protect the gyro instruments.
The part number of the left hand panel is 1213094-1. The floating center panel is p/n 0713276-1.
I have attached the parts book drawing of the 1968 C-206 panel.

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1 year 11 months ago #1713 by Luke Tipple
Hi! I have a 1963 205 (210-5) with the old school instrument array on the pilot side, the array where it looks like a Jackson Pollock design. I’m pulling apart the whole panel for a GPS and instrument overhaul and was hoping to swap out the left side of the panel for a more standard 6 pack setup. I can get a custom made one for a few AMU’s but I’d prefer to spend that on instruments so does anyone know if an early 206 pilot side instrument panel will fit into the 205? I’d have to get rid of my (admittedly retro cool) panel plastic but it would be worth it to have a more efficient instrument setup.

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