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I'm extremely sorry that I haven't gotten back to you sooner.

When you say the other cylinders are now burning oil; what is the usage rate per hour?

Continental Motors has published a service letter with information on maximum oil usage.

Max oil consumption = .006 x % power

Where .006 is the brake specific oil consumption and maximum allowed oil consumption is based on pounds per brake horse power (lbs/BHP/Hr)

To calculate maximum oil consumption proceed as follows:

Using an IO-520-BB as example engine and maximum power is 285 BHP and 75% power is 214 BHP.

.006 x 75% = .006 x .75 = .0045 x 214 BHP = 9.63 LBS/hr

Oil weighs 7.5 lbs per gal at standard temperature and 1 quart of oil weighs 1.875

Therefore max allowable oil consumption would be 1 quart every 2 hours at 75% power.

You can use this formula to determine if your engine is using too much oil to be safe for flight.

I believe you'll find that your engine oil consumption will decrease after going back to non compounded (ashless dispersant) oil as you log more hours.

Please let me know what your oil consumption is now.

Again, I apologize for my lapse in communicating with you.,


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IO 520 oil burn was created by PETER MOLINARO
I have a IO 520 has an oil burn of almost 1 quart per hour. I replaced cylinder no.1 due to an elongated exhaust valve guide, which was causing oil to be blown out of the breather line. After the break-in of cylinder one which consisted of 10 hours on mineral oil the remaining cylinders are now burning oil. Prior to the replacement of cylinder one, the oil burn was about 1 quart every 10 hours. My question is ; is it safe to fly while I am waiting for a new engine, which I expect in 4 months

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