210 brake fluid leak at gear leg pivot- Through bolt?

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1 year 3 weeks ago #2878 by Zachary Brown
We have been struggling to repair a brake fluid leak on a 1980 T-210, it drips down the pivot and almost looks like it could be leaking from the bolt that goes up through the pivot (presumably that holds the main gear leg in). My A&P is caring for it, but i want to make sure we aren't on a goose chase. We did replace a leaking brake line swivel fitting that fixed that leak but we still have some leakage as described.

My A&P believes there is a set of seals at the top of the through-bolt on the pivot that may be the culprit, and to replace would require the airplane to be jacked and the main gear legs pulled out to replace the seals. Again, this is brake fluid not Hydraulic fluid for the gear.

Please share thoughts and experience with this bolt leaking, and the diagnosis. He does not believe the pivot is craked.


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