Vibration Issues

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1 week 1 day ago #2980 by PAOLO MONTANARI
Replied by PAOLO MONTANARI on topic Vibration Issues
in my experience with TSIO520 I found it very sensitive to:

Spark plugs. They produce vibrations on the pedals and cloche if they are not perfect.
I use to change 6 of them at any 50 hours (100 hours operation).
There are guidelines about the resistance to expect in a spark plug to be ok (are very discussed guide lines unfortunately).
Magnets set up. in the case you will discover temperature issues on the EDM for cht and egt.
Propeller dynamic balance: i did it with satisfaction.
Last tell yor engine is just remanufactured.Maybe it needs assesment .Did you change also the vibration dampers ?

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1 week 4 days ago #2970 by STEVE ELLS
Replied by STEVE ELLS on topic Vibration Issues
I suggest that you need to take a good look at the engine cowling, the various parts of the baffling system and the flexible baffle seals.

Look closely for evidence of places where the engine or an accessory is contacting the airframe.

Unless someone seriously messed up at the engine shop or the prop shop, balance is pretty close.

When the rotating mass was dynamically balanced, did you notice a big difference in the vibration level?

Take a look and let me know if you find any contact.


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2 weeks 13 hours ago #2968 by Michael Dieck
Replied by Michael Dieck on topic Vibration Issues
You did not mention whether the constant speed propellor had been overhauled at the same time as the engine.

Did your AMT make a logbook entry with the before and after IPS reading ? Say, final balance .07 IPS @ 240 degrees…

Hartzell props have blade bearings that are hand grease packed at overhaul and then lubed again at Annual or 100H intervals. SM warns to remove one grease fitting before pumping in six pumps (approx 1 ounce) in each blade bearing. If the prop had been balanced and then lubed the grease may not have been evenly distributed.

What type of maintenance has been done to the engine & prop since the first dynamic prop balance? Simple things like reorientation of the prop spinner from its index markings to something else will cause an imbalance, same goes for using different length screws in spinner.

I use a Access Pro Balance Prop Balancer on a regular basis. Sometimes a too good to be true final balance (less than .02 IPS) causes the other end of the rotating mass to be off balance, in which case two vibration transducers are needed (one at each end of the engine case) to perform a vibration sweep over the cruise rpm you are experiencing the vibration. The fix is to find an acceptable small imbalance at the prop end as it is nearly impossible to add or remove weights at the other end of the crankshaft.

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2 weeks 1 day ago #2965 by joey murray
Vibration Issues was created by joey murray
I have a newly overhauled engine in my T-210 with a brand new prop. before the rebuild and new prop, the engine ran so smooth it seemed like a turbine engine (TSIO520). after I took delivery after the rebuild and new prop it had more vibration than I wanted, so I took it to a prop balance place and had the prop balanced. lately, it seems like the vibration is back and wanted advice on what may be needed....

Joey Murray

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