Keith Airconditioner Maintenance

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Hi Joey,
AirComm, a company in Colorado now holds the Keith STCs.

I've reached out to:
Mitchell Hudson

Customer Service/Sales Representative III

Tel 303-440-4075 Ext 428 | Fax 303-440-6355 at AirComm and asked if it would be OK if you called him.

Since he's in customer service, I expect he will say yes.

A brief overview of a complete service. It includes pulling all the refrigerant out of the system if it hasn't already leaked out, doing a leak check by applying a vacuum and seeing if the system holds the vacuum. Servicing the compressor with oil, then installing the proper amount of the correct refrigerant.

I would like you to tell me what Mitchell told you, what actions you took and how it came out.


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Keith Airconditioner Maintenance was created by joey murray
I am so pleased to be able to ask these questions on this forum site!

I am asking for recommendations for service shops that can trouble shoot my Keith Airconditioner. I have replaced my dryer and my evaporator fan. it does not seem to hold a charge. I am planning to replace my KFC 200 auto pilot with a G500 and think this is a good time to have the AC work done since the unit in the tail of the plane will need to be removed during that install.

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