T-210 Fuel Selector Valve

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Hi Joey;
I'll be interested in how much fuel was burned out of each tank.

The fuel system on your T210 consists of two separate fuel systems--one for the left fuel tank, and one for the right fuel tank. Unlike earlier Cessna single engine fuel systems there is not interconnect line from the left fuel tank to the right fuel tank.

Each tank has two pickup--one at the aft lower end of the tank and one aft the forward lower engine of the tank. These are routed down the forward and aft door frames to what's called a header tank.
The header tanks are located under the pilot and copilot floors.

Liquid fuel from both header tanks to piped to the fuel selector valve. So prior to the selector vavle there's not opportunity for fuel from the left tank (for instance) to flow to the engine when the right tank is selected.

When the left or right tank is selected, the rotary port arrangement in the selector is designed to completely shut off the tank that hasn't been selected. If the shaft on the selector is not moved all the way to the proper position to correctly position the valve ports, fuel can flow from both header tanks. As I understand it, other 210 owners with this type of selector valve have had the same problem.

The solution is reported to be replacement of the small universal joint in the linkage between the selector handle and the top of the selector valve. This joint is part of "shaft assy. part number

Advertised cost is around $290 although I did see a new old stock shaft with this part number advertised on eBay for $225.

Let me know how it comes out.


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T-210 Fuel Selector Valve was created by joey murray
interesting issue we experienced with our 1978 Cessna T-210. we took off from KSGJ for KJKA, a flight of about 2.5 hours. we were full fuel, (89 gallons). we burned 20 gallons from the Left tank and then switched to the Right tank.

As we were approaching VARRE (about 40 minutes from KJKA, we were about to switch back to the Left thank but noticed there was a lot more fuel in the right tank so we continued on to land with he right tank,

Upon landing we had low fuel light and are perplexed as to how when we switched to the Right Tank, we continued to burn fuel from the left tank.

Has anyone known a valve to not move with he handle. passing off on each movement from left to right?

We are going to fill the thanks in the morning to ermine how much fuel was burned from each tank

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