Seat Rail AD 2011-10-09

8 months 1 week ago #1801 by JOHN QUIMBY
New to the forum and have a question before my 1977 182Q goes in for annual. I appreciate the insight from the members to help me decide the proper path forward.

During the last annual, the inspection was performed for AD 2011-10-09 Amendment 39-16690 and a very small crack was discovered in one of the pilot seat rails. It likely had been there for years as the prior owner had very little flight time between annuals.

That said the stock answer seems to be “if crack then replace” and we can all agree it’s a costly pain to comply. After reviewing all 14 pages of the AD, Figure 5 and the accompanying text, it appears my seat does not meet the criteria for replacement.

I was planning on dropping my plane at a new to me shop over Thanksgiving week. Knowing this is a confusing topic I asked and their IA says “if crack then replace”. I don’t want to ignore addressing a required issue but I’d prefer to put the $1,600 towards on my avionics wish list if possible.

I appreciate any insights from the group.

1977 182Q - 182TG

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