New 182 Owner with a few questions on mission and avionics

1 month 1 week ago #2487 by KRISTIN WINTER

Congratulations on having the whole family involved in aviation. I gather you are looking to upgrade the avionics to make a more modern IFR aircraft. What do you have installed now? I am also curious about these avionics packages that you have been pitched for over $100K. What is in these packages? One thing to consider is that with a major avionics upgrade like this, the plane will be down for a period of time that might conflict with your training goals.

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1 month 1 week ago #2486 by Pat Chumley
Fellow 182 flyers,
i am brand new to the owners association and proud to talk with Kent and get involved in the forum to gather some information on what i need to look into with my newly purchased aircraft.
a little about the family and myself,
Family of 4. April 3rd this year, we left for flight school in AZ. Melissa, (wife), Brett (18), and Cavin (16) year old all studied hard, 7days a week for 40 days, Mel, Brett finished Private, Cavin has his check ride on his birthday later this year, they all came home mid may, and i stayed until aug 30th and went all the way through my CFII. i have almost 300 hours, so have some real book and training time, with only around 70hrs real world, so i am eager to get to flying and continue our learning.

We were able to search and search for a couple months and find a 1976 182P with a single owner since new and 1370TT hours on it. Now we are faced with some decisions. I would like to complete the family training through Instrument rating, Brett before he goes to college next fall, the others as time allows over the next couple years. In saying all that, i am looking at what we are going to put in the aircraft for a reasonable package, here we go.
I have been told to put the Hard IFR package $130k down to fly it as is (what's wrong with it) kind of deal.
I only have my opinion, however i am searching out some of you that may have flown my mission a little, had a few different panels and experiences to kind of hold our hand and save us a buck or two, or at least keep us moving in the right direction once rather than having to back up and restart.

We own a business that allows me to fly from central texas to west texas a couple days a week. Sometimes the weather here is MVFR, sometimes IFR, sometimes just windy lol.
I want to teach them in the aircraft. I learned on a 6 pack for all but my CFII check ride, i did a week in a G1000 set up and took my ride in it.
With our plane we would like to do a reasonable glass, panel, but keep it closer to what the plane is capable of, not what the checkbook may be capable of.
In my opinion, this is a great family plane, that will fly in and around texas in reasonable weather. If its icy, or even looks to be, i will be enjoying the TV in the house, not the Screen in the plane. However, sometimes flying through a layer is one thing. so that answers some of what i may say go no go on.
I will be teaching family around 8-10 hours a week if all goes well and according to plan.
Here are the things important to me and why.
I would like to install now, while its fresh
G3X 10.6 - great capabilities, can switch from digital 6 pack or glass look either one. i thought this would be a great feature under my circumstances.
GFC500 auto pilot - an autopilot i think fits the plane very well and has more capabilities than i probably could ask for for the money.

Now the other stuff for recommendations.
Every time i get a shop opinion, it goes like this, well only doing it once, put everything in at the same time and spend $120k and be done with it.
well not really wanting to approach it like that.
would like an engine monitor that does justice for an io470 carburated motor
would like a WAAS gps for IFR and nice enough to fly me through what i need to, and nicely be able to get around in for info entering. Approaches, comms, etc.
Ads-b - i would love to throw the garmin 345, and have it all but do i need it.
2nd nav/comm - suggestions welcome
any other recommendations anyone has to mix and match what i am seeing, let me know. i would greatly appreciate any input.

We are currently doing an extensive annual and replacing most to new standards. We have not decided yet on the engine, it may have a few hundred hours left in it. but if shows any issues we are pulling it for a fresh one.

Thanks all.

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