Garmin g3x in a 182s

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Hi Malcolm,

Thanks for sharing that. That sounds like an awesome setup.

We've been told that the GTN 750 takes over 6 months to get down to Australia because of supply issues, so I settled for the 650 instead. Now that you're telling us that with the autopilot control panel on top of the avionics stack (or anything else, for that matter), the viewing angle might become awkward, I feel somehow vindicated a bit, so thank you for that! I'll work with the 650 and learn how to swap things to the G3X display if the 650 gets too tiny for reviewing a flight plan, for instance.

We're putting in the ship's own completely overhauled Lycoming IO-360 L2A with Lycoming's own freshly certified electronic ignition system on both sides (with the backup battery on one of those sides), hoping for a smooth and economical ride -- and easy starts -- no more mags. Of course with the EIS, which also allowed us to leave off the ancient and tiny warning light panel that still was in the 1997 172R cockpit.

You have any pictures from the install? Would love to see them.
Thank you again!

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4 weeks 2 days ago #3217 by Malcolm Jack
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Hi All.

Here is our recent install to throw into the mix;

* G3X touch
* 275 for backup
* GTN 750xi
* GFC500
* GTX 345
* Garmin EIS enabling us to remove all legacy engine gauges.
* 350c Audio Panel
* A few other items like the Com2 Radio, New Yokes, USB ports, Integrated Co2 Monitor, etc.

Opted for placement of the AP at the top. Still not sure it was the best choice as it drops the 750 down quite a bit, and the 750 is basically the MFD, and the viewing angle is now down. But we will see how that decision pans out.

Happy to answer any questions. It probably took 4 months to figure out the configuration and find a shop that could get the work done the way we wanted it.


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1 month 5 days ago #3215 by Sidney Dekker
Replied by Sidney Dekker on topic Garmin g3x in a 182s

Guys, the work is progressing. As you see, the G3X is lined up so as to enable split-screen flying with the PFD right over the yoke. The only steam gages left are ALT and ASI (the mechanic even swapped them around for some unclear reason, but I don't think I'll worry about that).

Underneath the G5 is a Mid-Continent MD93 2 inch clock with dual USB ( ), because I am forever looking for a BIG Zulu time read-out and USBs are always good to have.

On the right are a (sort of gratuitous) Horis PFD ( ) and a Garmin Aera 760. The 760 will allow me to have a quick look at distance to the field when on an instrument approach to uncontrolled fields here in Australia (requiring a CTAF call for VFR traffic 10nm out) and be a nice back-up map (also for the co-pilot, often my wife) in any case.

The new paint job on the fuselage (with many hours of prep-work underneath it) does look very nice, even if I say so myself. Remarkable how many dings a 25-year old airframe assembles over its (still relatively short) lifetime...!

The avionics stack is next. I reckon the autopilot control panel goes on top, consistent with the conversation we've been having about it here. But I'll keep you guys posted. Any comments and suggestions welcome, as always.


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2 months 3 weeks ago #3152 by Marc Mears
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Glad all this helps.
With regards to the autopilot placement –
Most of my previous flying was by hand and I am quite new to using the new autopilot.
But these are the reasons why I like it at the top.

Line of sight – I find looking down harder than looking straight at it.
And when I use the dial on the box to adjust my heading/ alt etc or pushing the buttons to operate it so much more ergonomic than working lower down as it now gets used a lot.
The other thing I have found with it being in my line of sight is, (and this had been drummed into me by all my instructors) is when using the auto pilot and you engage it functions on the head unit and the indicator lights illuminate on the head unit– always cross check the annunciator on the G3X screen is complying with what you have asked the auto pilot to do.

I find it easy to look across and see the white indicator lights lit up on the control unit and cross check its status in the G3X annunciator autopilot screen.
I was told this cross checking was called “rumour and truth” – I guess there is many other names for it.

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2 months 3 weeks ago #3151 by Sidney Dekker
Replied by Sidney Dekker on topic Garmin g3x in a 182s
Hi Marc, Brad, Levi/Matt,
OK, this is helpful, thank you for taking the time. I come off the 737NG, a thing in which you never actually use much of the VSI (such as it is) on the PFD. I am also an avid glider pilot, and you're right, the lag in the traditional VSI/variometer instruments makes them a bit less useful.
So thank you for helping me reach the decision: I'll retain the ASI and ALT (and probably will never look at them again).
And Brad, thank you for your reflection on autopilot positioning. Man, that's a tough one...! I thought the on-top placement like Marc has done was a slam-dunk, because you're right: on jets that's exactly where you sit and twirl the thing the whole time. But I get your point about where your hand is a lot of the time in a prop plane. I'll have to think about this more! Thanks again, guys, great to have your input. I'll try to keep you updated and post some pictures once there's something to show (hopefully in the next month or so). Sidney

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2 months 3 weeks ago #3150 by Matt Schloss
Replied by Matt Schloss on topic Garmin g3x in a 182s

We have installed a number of these systems here at Gulf Coast Avionics and find most people do not retain the VSI. Also something to note about a VSI is that it is the only piece of equipment in the traditional 6 pack that is not required for IFR flight. If you remember back to your Instrument rating the required equipment is GRABCARD Generator or alternator, Radios and Nav equipment adequate to the rout of flight, Attitude Indicator, Ball of the slip/skid, Clock with second counter, Altimeter (sensitive Altimeter), Rate of turn Indicator, and Directional Gyro. As an instructor I have always told my students that a VSI will lie and has a lot of errors. the solid state processor in the G3X is much more accurate than a traditional VSI. That being said I don't see the need to retain your old one, However everyone has there own onion and after all it is your dream panel you are putting together and we would lay it out exactly how you want it. Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding your upgrade.

-Levi Vickers
863-709-9714 Ext.143
Sales Manager & CFI/II

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