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Hi John;
I don't have a GDL39. Suggest you ask at a salvage yard--we like Preferred Airparts, Dodson, and Wentworth Aircraft.

Probably the quickest way is to type GDL 39 into Google.

I loved ADS-B. It's great to see the other nearby traffic. I am also a VFR flyer and use a Stratux dual band receiver. It's not wired into the airplane--I power it with small portable battery packs that are inexpensive.
I have found that it works well with both Seattle Avionics and Wing X EFBs displayed on my iPad.

Another option is a battery powered Sentry Mini; but it only works with Foreflight.

I believe both of these units cost less than $300; the Stratux does not have an internal battery; the Sentry does.

The only catch is to be sure of is that the ADS-B receiver you buy will work with the software on your EFB display. As far as I know, Foreflight has some restrictions on which ADS-B receivers play well with it's programming.

Let me know what you come up with.


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GPS and ADSB, GDL39 was created by John Zarpak
Hello (This is the first time buyer that is now first time owner)
The C172P came with a Apollo NMS 2001 that seller said he doesn't know how to use it. I found the user manual but it looks way too old to be useful to me and it can not do ADSB In. The aircraft is IFR certified and has ADSB Out on the Nav light.

I want to use iPad + FLTPlan Go with a portable GPS with ADSB In. I do understand this combination is not to be used as the primary navigation but I am VFR and usually follow VORs so I am not relying solely on this system. From what I learned Garmin GDL 39 is the cheapest I can get.

Please let me know if you have one or know of someone that wants to sell -I don't buy from eBay. Also I welcome all suggestions and recommendations.

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