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Hello David,

I agree with everything you mention in regard with their customer service. Usually when I call them it takes multiple times to get across to the Sirius XM folks that you have an airplane, NOT a car. After a few flip flops from supervisor to supervisor I get to the aviation dept and at least they have a little more knowledge about their product, at least know what your trying to get activated.
I have used this phone number for Sirius XM’s Aviation dept.
(855) 796-9847
I had terrible reception issues in my truck living in a mountains area with trees. Flat land no issue, but elected not to carry forward with Sirius XM after the trial period since.
I would love to see what other information you get from serious SiriusXM users, since I would say I’m a beginner at best using it in the aircraft. I’ve bounced from GDL 52 ( power/ charge port failed factory replaced with new unit ), Stratus, and now currently using the replaced GDL52 and waiting for Garmin 345 on order since last Oct 2021 to finish the panel avionics upgrade. Looking forward to no external devices and a consistency.

Good Luck, Don Wood

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Sirius XM Weather Subscription was created by David Willis
I'm not sure this is the right place to ask this, but I am considering subscribing to Sirius XM weather to supplement my ADSB-IN. My only exposure to Sirius XM has been via the receiver that came in my vehicle. After my initial experiences with Sirius XM I have avoided them like the plague as a borderline scam company and was disappointed to find out they were the ones providing in cockpit weather availability. I have waited on hold over an hour trying to reach customer service, only to listen to some poor person try to upsell me when I am trying to just cancel or change my subscription. After a couple of these experiences it dawned on me that this was why they had to give away radios preinstalled in vehicles in order to get any business. My question is if anyone has subscribed to XM aviation weather and if the experience was as excruciating for customers as their regular radio service? And if you have XM Aviation Weather do you like it? Thanks

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