Cessna 177RG fuel tank levels

1 year 5 months ago #1294 by STEVE ELLS
Steve; There are adjustments that can be made to a fuel flow instrument called "K factor" adjustments.
One of the most reliable methods is to empty the fuel tanks, park your Cardinal on a level surface then fill the tanks in 5 gallon increments while marking each 5 gallon level on a locally made dipstick ( I have one made of wood) or transcribing the levels onto something such as a "Fuel Stik" There is one for the Cardinal. See here:
www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/pspages/cessnafuelstik.php .

I calibrated my fuel flow K factor by filling both tanks to a known level (bottom of the fuel cap neck) then taking off one one take; getting up to an altitude I could safely fly for an hour; adjust my power setting then switch to the other tank and fly for exactly one hour. At the end of the hour I switched to the other tank, descended and landed.
Fill the "test" tank to the same place it was prior to takeoff. The fuel replaced was my fuel burn for one hour at that power setting. Given that number, I compared it to the fuel used (or total less remaining fuel indicated) and adjusted the K factor if needed.

I hope this provides some help

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1 year 5 months ago #1291 by Steve Devereux
Thanks Bunnie. This is not a well equipped ac and the fuel gauges only give a vague indication - hence wish to monitor fuel levels and consumption so I can plan better. I will check out CFO, appreciate the advice.

Regards, Steve

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1 year 5 months ago #1290 by BUNNIE STANFIELD
Hi Steve,

Go to Cardinal Flyers Online. They are the premier Cardinal owners association and have addressed this issue repeatedly over the years. I don’t know what access you might need but they have a lot for free and more if you join the group. Total cost is minimal for a year and there is a LOT of information you might find useful.

Do you have digital fuel tracking such as a JPI or similar equipment? If so, fill the tanks, fly and monitor consumption.. Compare what you fill to the same level with what the gauges say. If they match then you can probably trust their acccuracy. That being the case you can mark your device, (stick, tube, etc.), based on that. If you can empty the tanks, put the fuel selector valve on any position other than BOTH and fill one gallon as a time in each tank. Calibrate your measuring device as you fill each tank.

I have JPI instrumentation which tells me how much fuel i’ve started with, burned and remaining. I was concerned about accuracy and determined they are far better than the legacy gauges.

Check out CFO first and see what might help.

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1 year 5 months ago #1289 by Steve Devereux
Hello folks. I rent a 177RG and have started to measure the levels in the tanks before filling up, to end up with a table showing, for the number of inches of fuel in each side, how many gallons are there. It strikes me that I can't be the first pilot to want to know exactly how much fuel are in those tanks; with 4 adults on the inside, MTOW dictates that the tanks can't be full.

Can anyone help out with a way to dip the tanks and convert that to gallons?

I live in SW France, near Pau.

Thanks, Steve Devereux

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