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TOPIC: 182S cabin water leak

182S cabin water leak 6 months 2 weeks ago #904

Thank you Steve for your prompt response! Glad to hear this is a common problem but it is sure frustrating on an aircraft I have had for such a short time. Especially because it is of unknown origin! I hate mechanical mysteries.
The mechanic found me a hanger for a month until my cover shows up so at least I will not be emptying out the water every week.. I will continue hunting around for ideas. I am sure eventually this mystery will get solved.
Thanks again! :)
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182S cabin water leak 6 months 2 weeks ago #902

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Hi Mathew;
Water leaks into the cabin of 182s are very common. And the rear window is usually the culprit, especially on older airplanes since the window sealing putty eventually hardens which allows water in.
But you've checked there.
Two gallons of water is a lot of water. Most of my experience is more in line with soaked rear carpet.
Was the rain especially heavy or wind driven from a particular direction?
I ask because your airplane has a very comprehensive fresh air vent system; if the rain pelted the plane from the the front, I suppose water could enter through the fresh air vent system. Just a guess.
The only thing I can think of to further determine where the water is coming in is to see if it's still a problem after you install your canopy cover.
Sorry I can't give you a better solution or at least a steer for further checking.
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182S cabin water leak 6 months 2 weeks ago #897

Hello. I have a newly acquired 1997 182S. Only has the aircraft for 3 weeks. It is low time and overall in very nice condition. It has needed to be on a tie down while I wait for a hanger to become available and the cover is on order. When I came out last Saturday the airplane had a pool of water under it and was dripping from under the main cabin. My instructor and I pushed the tail down to find that over two gallons of water emptied out of the airplane when everything moved towards the tail section. Inside, there was a lot of moisture but the only physically soaked sections was the baggage area carpet. The carpet was wet and paper towel rolls soaked.
The logical first thought is the rear window has a leak. However, after the mechanic took this in and pressure washed around this window, no leak. Removing the panel around the window also revealed no evidence of water. However, under the carpets in the cabin and in the baggage area shows signs of mold.
Everyone is dumbfounded on how the water is getting in. If anyone has experienced this type of issue, please let me know some ideas on where you think the water could be getting in. Short of ripping everything apart, I would like some surgical ideas on where to look for this issue.
Thank you in advance for any advice!
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