Low Voltage

1 year 2 hours ago #1517 by JOHN QUIMBY
Low Voltage was created by JOHN QUIMBY
New to the forum but joined to tap into the collective wisdom of the community to keep my 1977 182Q in the air.

Flying back from Oshkosh I started getting a low voltage warning on my 830. We got it home and pulled the cowl and discovered a previous crimp had broken off. Replaced with extended wire and no luck. Turns out our new wire crimped into the shielding so we redid the wire and still no luck. Checking master and all parts of from inside to alternator in the morning. Thinking I might have somehow fried the regulator (picture attached). If we have to go down that path can I ask for suggestions on Zeftronics vs Plane Power and which models would I need? Anything else required with purchase? It seems like another useful brick in the modernization wall so I’m not complaining just looking for recommendations on which to purchase. I assume the next logical purchase is a plane power alternator.

Appreciate the ideas.

1977 182Q - 182TG

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