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TOPIC: 206 Turns Left When Flaps Extended

206 Turns Left When Flaps Extended 3 years 6 months ago #284

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just to partecipate....As the 206 shares some design features with the 210,may be it shares the spring connection between the ailerons and rudder. If it is the case that can be the reason.When one aileron descend the rudder moves. You cannot appreciate on the ground due to the gear. check it
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206 Turns Left When Flaps Extended 4 years 3 months ago #174

We are working on a U206G with the Robertson "High Lift" flap system. This system droops the ailerons approximately 10* during the first two flap position selections. Then, upon applying full flaps, the aileron droop is removed. The bird flies straight and level hands off with no flaps. When the flaps are extended to either of the first two positions, the airplane turns to the left. We have completed the rigging procedures for the ailerons per Cessna MM, and the flap rigging per Cessna MM & Robertson STC. All cable tensions are correct, all travels are correct and within 1/2 of a degree of each other. The bird is still turning left when the ailerons are in the "drooped" condition. No flaps, or full flaps, with no aileron droop, hands off is straight and level.

The airplane has a Radar pod on the RH wing, integrated into the leading edge. This Radar pod starts just outboard of the "seam" of the aileron/flap and extends outboard about 33". Obviously this "bulge" in the leading edge is effecting the aerodynamics in this section of the wing in some way. My question is, since the Radar pod is only going to effect the airflow over the ailerons, is it possible that this may be a normal condition for this aircraft? Does anyone out there have the same, or similar setup? If so, what can you tell me about how your bird flies when the flaps are extended? Thanks in advance for your time.
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