Regional Event Poll II


Poll: Regional Event Poll II

Southern California
1 33.3%
Northern California
No votes 0%
2 66.7%
Total number of voters: 3 ( Jeff Strouse, DOUGLAS VINCENT, Dan Reiland )
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6 years 8 months ago #72 by Jen D
Replied by Jen D on topic Regional Event Poll II
Hi Jeff and Doug,

I think you are both on to something. I had a chance to talk with Doug at AOPA Summit and I think an event that combined some training might be a lot of fun. Maybe Aerial Sim could host something?


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6 years 9 months ago #70 by Jeff Strouse
Replied by Jeff Strouse on topic Regional Event Poll II
Hi Jen ,
I'm interested, maybe Aerial Sim Training can help out! I would like to see how much interest can be generated just for a flyi-in someplace, for starters.
Solvaang, Great food, interesting Danish community. Columbia in the Sierras, old western gold mining town, good restraunt. Harris Ranch good food.

Jeff Strouse

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6 years 9 months ago #67 by DOUGLAS VINCENT

Sorry I did not make the Fredericksburg Gathering, but I had conflicts. Regarding where to meet moving them around is a key point as long as it is somewhere accessible to many. East Coast or West Coast is fine, but is limited and a long way for most. Where ever it is the events should be able to draw for various area's

What we really need for Cessna's particularly the larger ones is a Bonanza Society model. Have a gathering where there are numerous quality instructors that know the specific airplane and give instructions. I am talking about very knowledgeable instructors with knowledge and flight time in a specific airplane and not a young guy wanting to build time or get to fly in a different airplane. There should be ground instruction courses also.

If a vendor is used it should be to instruct and inform and not just to sell products.

I have never been to, nor know a lot about about the Bonanza Society weekends, but have heard enough to know that nothing like that exist for larger Cessna's like the 210 or 182.

Two weeks ago the Tulsa Riverside airport was full of Bonanzas from a large geographic area for their event.

Insurance certification as well as various reviews would be covered.

The friendship, fun time and Kumbaya will take care of themselves and will be a bonus.

It will take a few years to build up and work out the bugs, but will be worth it for all concerned. This may be what it takes to give Cessna Flyer the recognition it deserves and help it develop head and shoulder above the other two groups

That my thought for what it is worth. I would be interested if the Centurion drivers would have an interest and attend.


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6 years 10 months ago - 6 years 10 months ago #61 by Jen D
Regional Event Poll II was created by Jen D
More options. Please choose the location you would attend.
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