Control surface balancing

2 weeks 4 days ago #2229 by VICTOR OLSEN
Thing that has me scratching my head is this rudder P/N is eligible on C-172 models D through I. Why three diff underbalance limits when the 0 to +6.3 would have been in limits for all 172 models it is eligible on to start with?

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2 weeks 4 days ago #2225 by STEVE ELLS
Wow, something seems fishy for it to be that far out.

Not sure what to tell you; the service manual suggests getting the weight right by soldering additional weight to the existing weight. I don't really know how to add a pound of solder.

The service manual so claims that paint can have a big effect on balance.

This company has a weight: for sale for $50. I believe that's the correct part number.

Most parts houses have a 7 day money back policy. You might buy the $50 one and compare it to the one that's on the rudder.

Sorry I don't have more advice.

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3 weeks 9 hours ago #2213 by VICTOR OLSEN
Replacing damaged rudder on C-172H with serviceable rudder P/N 0531006-66.
This P/N rudder is eligible on late 172D through 172I. with underbalance of 0 to +6.3 on D models, 0 to +13.8 on E & F models, and 0 to +9.69 in. lb. on later F, G, H and I models.

Any one know if different lead weights are available? Interesting that the damaged and serviceable used rudder both balance out at 12 Need to add near 1 lb to bring this rudder in balance for a 172H

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