Cessna 182 Alternator Belt Shedding

1 week 5 hours ago #2269 by STEVE ELLS
Hi Mike;
I too hope you have found a solution.
The simple solutions are correct alignment, and correct tension. According to the service manual the tension should measurement is 3/8 inch deflection when a 12 pound push is applied to the middle of the belt span.

Counter weights are installed on 6 cylinder Continental engines to absorb power pulses.
Usually the bushings do a fine job of supporting the counterweights but certain actions by the pilot can "de tune" the counterweights.
These actions include very rapid throttle movement, operating at high engine speed and low manifold pressure, and engine roughness due to mis functioning spark plug, or ignition lead, or a plugged fuel injection nozzle.

An experienced prop balancing tech with the a balancing tool that incorporates a vibration spectrum analyzer will be able to tell if the crankshaft counter weight bushings (or bolts) are the problem.

If they are, this can be solved without removing the engine. One of two cylinders will have to be removed to gain access to the counterweight installation. A skilled and experienced engine tech will be able to install new bushings and bolts.

First step, go along the way you are and hope it's solved.
If that doesn't solve the problem, see if you balancer tech is experienced at vibrations spectrum analysis.
Analyze the vibration spectrum.
Repair as needed.

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1 week 1 day ago #2265 by MIKE DAVIS
I own a great Cessna 182N, but over the last 12 months, I'll bet I've landed with a working electrical system maybe twice. The problem is the engine harmonics cause the alternator to fly off. I've done everything I could think of. My shop was great and worked tirelessly on this very disturbing, but from what I understand is a common problem with 182s. I now have 5.5 hours on a new alternator but for me....and I hate to brag to early, but it looks like I had an alternator bracket that had elongated the hole for mounting (does that make sense, I'm a pilot, not mechanic), and that in combination with a thorough prop balance has me hopeful I've solved the problem.

I know the harmonic vibration is a big deal, but my engine only has about 400 hours on it. My guy did a great job, but I'm curious how many of you 182 drivers have experienced or heard about the same issue.

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