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The mag that was IRANed was probably tested by the company that refurbed it. So it's unlikely that's the problem.

There is a possibility that the problem is related to the mag/start switch.
There is an airworthiness directive (93-05-06) on the ACS and Gerdes ignition switches installed in Cessna 182s from 1973 (serial number 61786) through 1986 (serial number 68615).

The AD calls for the disassembly of the switch, and an inspection to determine if there is any arcing and burning of the contact points in the switch.

Aircraft Spruce and Specialty ( ) supplied these switches to Cessna. It makes an inexpensive kit of parts to refurbish the switches. It's the ACS Ignition Switch Service Kit. The Spruce part number is 11-03654. Cost $22.50.

Based on what you've described, I would look at that switch.

Here is a link to the AD: .

Let me know what you find.


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Got a real mess with my mags. Or something. I bought a C-182R to replace my 182B. Thought I'd save some money by having my IA move the Surefly SIM6C from the B to the R and put the old Bendix mag back on the B. He recommended IRANing the old mag; said that would run about $300. Turned out to be $1,000. Then when he installed it on the B, it wouldn't start. He decided that the problem was with the P-lead, and fabricated a new magneto end from a spark-plug harness. The engine started, but the Right mag didn't work at all. He fabricated another P-lead for the right mag. Now the engine runs, regardless of the mag switch position, with no drop. He assured me that that meant that both mags are hot and that it was okay to fly. I went out, did a run-up, everything was fine, I went to take off, but as soon as I applied full power, the engine ran really rough. Taxiied back, IA told me that it was probably fouled plugs, so I ran it up with a really lean mixture, but the problem only got worse. Now the IA wants to replace both P-leads from the mags back to the switch. Help!

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