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Hi James,
I am sorry it's taken me so long to reply; I took last weekend off.
Working backward--the reason the green light went out when you lifted off is--one of the gear down switches opened.
When that happens the circuit from that provides power to that light opens. No power, no light.
Please ask your mechanic is look closely at the door down switches and look closely at the saddles, where the gear legs rest when the gear legs are down and locked.

If the switches all check out, I would take a close look at the gear down light wiring and receptacle.
Check for wiring problems and a loose or corroded receptacle. Change the light bulb.

The hand pump is easy to re pack if that's the source of your hydraulic leak.

If the doors have closed after gear up or gear down and the gear handle has been released back to neutral, the shuttle valve inside the power pack has moved back to the bypass position, removing pressure from inside the power pack.

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3 months 2 weeks ago - 3 months 2 weeks ago #3320 by James Wick
210 Gear Issue... was created by James Wick
Hello Steve,

I have a 1964 210D. I did a flight up to Pagosa last week. I had taken off in snow that morning and upon arriving at Wolf Creek Pass ~10 miles out I dropped the gear for drag. While in landing flare the gear horn went off. With the horn blaring I quickly verified gear down light locked and visual with the wing mirrors and let it settle. A quick look and discussion with my mechanic and we both thought dirty switch from snowy take-off and extreme mountain cold. Later that afternoon, on the flight back to my home airport I dropped the gear a ways out from the airport to loose altitude and this time the gear extended and the handle returned to neutral but there was no green light. I cycled the gear again and the same thing. I did a low pass over the runway when I arrived and the FBO verified all 3 gear down and locked. Again on landing once the throttle was pulled the horn went off. I placed the 210 in a warm hanger to clean the switches a few days later. Just before cleaning the switches I noticed the gear horn went off when I flipped the master and the light was out. After cleaning everything up there was no horn when I flipped the master on and the green light was on. Thought I had solved the problem. Went for a test flight yesterday and decided NOT to retract the gear for a little pattern work and to test the horn issue. During taxi the green gear down light was on. The moment I lifted off the green light went out. Flew the pattern and same results on landing, pull throttle and gear horn sounds. While taxiing to the apron, for the first time ever there was a little 5606 on the trim tab. I took off the center console and there's some fluid in the area. I can't tell exactly where it coming from. Maybe the hand pump from me servicing the switches? I also wondered with the green light out is the pump continuing to run and make pressure? -Jim
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